Mad Men Sneak Peek: Less Betty, More Don This Season

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Mad Men Season 6 begins on April 7. The highly-anticipated 2-hour premier will reportedly feature a lot more Don and a lot less Betty. Big Betty is gone, and the feisty and fit version of the character has returned to reign in the lives of the men she cares about. January Jones’ character is coming back to Season 6 back in shape and ready to show off her feminine figure.

So the creator’s hints about Betty appear to relate to less bulk, not screen time. Do the “more Don” hints mean the sexy leading man will be putting on weight or taking off his clothes? If spoilers are and series creator’s hints are accurate, fans should plan to expect the unexpected during Mad Men Season 6.

Jessica Pare, who play Megan Draper, said during a Mad Men behind-the-scenes interview that fans will probably not expect what is coming this season – at all.

A black and white promo for the new season of Mad Men shows Don, Betty, Megan, and Sally all gathered somewhere fancy-looking in formal wear. Sally looks a lot more like a young woman than a child in the clip. The coming of age of Sally could be an interesting dynamic for all the adults tasked with guiding the precocious pre-tween towards adulthood.

Roch Sommer, the actor who plays Harry Crane, considers Mad Men Season 6 on of the most “exciting” seasons yet. Sommer noted that a lot of things are going to happen which couldn’t have occurred on the period series four years ago.

Faithful fans have watched as not only hair styles and fashions changed from the beginning of Mad Men, but attitudes and perceptions of the characters as well.

Mad Men has very intelligently addressed the changes which occurred in America during the late 1950s and the early 1960s. Fans watched a Peggy struggled to reach beyond the realm of secretary, while battling her mother’s desire for her to just get married and stop popping out babies. Not much has been revealed about Peggy’s relationship with her child, but perhaps that dynamic will be part of the unexpected twists and turns in Season 6 as well.

Mad Men showrunner Matthew Wiener reminded fans that the series left of fin 1967 and hinted that Don and crew will likely be impacted by all the upheaval going on in America during the late 1960s. Will Don Draper (Jon Hamm) remains faithful during the wild free love era?

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