Wendy Williams Is Having Trouble Getting New Guests Due To Her Bullying Ways

Wendy Williams is arguably one of the most outspoken talk show stars in the business. The television star is known for her love of gossip and isn't afraid to publicly poke fun at other celebrities or air their dirty laundry. While some of her fans love that Williams isn't afraid to speak her mind, she's earned herself a reputation of being somewhat of a bully. As a result, she's reportedly had some difficulty getting new guests to appear on The Wendy Williams Show, according to Celebrity Insider. There are some stars that simply have no interest in being on the show because of the way Williams speaks about others.

Williams was just approved for two more seasons of her show, even after rumors circulated that her show may be taken off the air. The rumors came about after a very rough past year for the star, who spent time in a sober house after struggling with an addiction to alcohol and prescription pills. In addition, she also had a lot of drama in her personal life after filing for divorce from her husband of over two decades, Kevin Hunter. Their split came after Hunter allegedly welcomed a baby girl with his mistress. Williams also fired Hunter as the executive producer of her show and banned him from the set.

Despite the fact that Williams' show has been renewed, it may be a challenge for her to get some fresh faces on the show. This is reportedly because some stars don't like Williams's gossipy ways, at least according to one inside source.

"There's always been a segment of Hollywood stars who would never come on Wendy's show. There are still a lot of big-name black stars in particular who made a vow a decade ago to never appear on her show based on things she said about them doing her radio days. But just when we thought things would be easier for getting guests and engaging people who aren't just reality stars and B-players in sitcoms and movies, she's making it hard again."
Williams ruffled a lot of feathers recently after she picked on model Christie Brinkley, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Brinkley was expected to appear on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, the 65-year-old tripped while practicing for an upcoming performance and sustained wrist and shoulder injuries. Because she was no longer able to perform, she called in her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook to dance in her place. However, Williams started a rumor that Brinkley had faked her injury to give her daughter a chance to shine.