Electronic Arts May Have Couple Of New Sports Games Incoming

Electronic Arts might be expanding their sports game portfolio in the near future. While the gaming company used to quite well known for its sports titles, quite a few of those titles have fallen by the wayside in the last few years.

EA has taken steps to be more well known as a company that produces all sorts of games, and has had some mixed results with that approach. Now the company’s CFO Blake Jorgensen said that EA wants to grow its sport portfolio again.

Giving a talk at the Wedbush Technology Conference, Jorgensen wasn’t specific about how he thought his company might expand the portfolio but other EA representatives hinted that the company would soon be putting their newly acquired UFC license to work.

Electronic Arts does still have some easily recognizable sports titles including Madden, and NCAA Football. The company is also in charge of putting out a FIFA game that is routinely among the most popular sports games around.

Until this year, EA also put out a yearly professional basketball game but canceled this year’s version. The company has said that despite not offering up a version this year that the series is not necessarily canceling the series as a whole.

Among the games that EA recently shut down is another basketball series, NBA Jam. The company used to have Major League Baseball and college basketball titles but has long since canceled those series.

While it is unclear whether EA will actually expand beyond a UFC title rumors are swirling that Madden could make the jump back to mobile devices. There has been a title for the iOS in the past but they have discontinued that recently.

Its possible that the company is going to give a mobile version of their pro football game another try.

Will Electronic Arts truly expand their sports games offering?