Ariel Winter’s Niece Skylar Gray, 10, Scores $17,500 Per Episode For New ‘Evil’ Gig, Reports ‘TMZ’

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Skylar Gray may be just 10-years-old, but she’s already making more money than most people double her age.

However, Skylar is not just any kid. She has deep roots in acting and booked her first role at the age of 4, according to her IMDb page. Skylar comes from a family of actors including her aunt, Ariel Winters, who scored her role as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family at the age of 11. Her parents, former actors themselves, own Gray Studios, a large performing arts school, and have dedicated themselves to their craft.

Skylar has landed a gig on CBS’s new show, Evil. She plays the role of Lila Bouchard, and according to her contract, obtained by TMZ, she is paid the hefty sum of $17,500 per episode. Skylar had her network test in March of this year, and the series started airing at the end of September.

Lila Bouchard is the daughter of Evil‘s protagonist Dr. Kristen Bouchard, played by Katja Herbers. Lila has three sisters – Lynn Bouchard played by Brooklyn Shuck, Lexis Bouchard played by Maddy Crocco, and Laura Bouchard played by Dalya Knapp. They are the daughters of a forensic scientist who is hired to identify genuine cases of demonic possession.

Her contract also spells out the good news should Evil be renewed for future seasons. If a second season is made, Skylar will make $18,375 per episode. And if the series makes it to the seventh season, she could potentially be making more than $23,000 per episode.

This is a pretty big pay raise from her first big TV gig where she made a salary of $12K per episode. She starred in seven episodes of the comedy series Me, Myself and I where she played the role of Young Abby.

Daily Mail reports that when Ariel first took on her role in Modern Family, she made approximately $15,000 per episode. Now, she reportedly makes more than $100k per episode in the 11th season of this long-running series.


Ariel’s sister, and Skylar’s mom, Shanelle Workman, filed for legal guardianship of her sister in 2012. At the time Ariel was just 14-years-old, per The Inquisitr. The Modern Family star was placed in Shanelle’s care. Skylar looks up to her aunt and it’s obvious that there is a special bond between the two redheaded beauties.

Watch Skylar Gray star as Lila Bouchard in Evil, which airs every Thursday night at 10 p.m. on CBS.