Harry Styles Breaks Social Media Hiatus To Post A Mysterious New Tweet, Confusing Fans

Harry Styles is notoriously quiet on social media. His Instagram hasn’t been updated since 2018 and he hasn’t tweeted anything since May of this year — but that all changed yesterday.

On Saturday, Harry’s fans on Twitter went crazy over a mysterious new tweet that the former One Direction singer posted. The update was simple. He posted “Do” with no other explanation, link, or hashtag. And the two-letter word has driven fans crazy trying to figure out what he meant.

As of this writing, the post itself has been retweeted 109,000 times, liked 490,000 times, and has received 72,000 comments in just 15 hours, a number that continues to rise. Comparing this new post to the pinned tweet on his account announcing Harry’s self-titled album’s debut in 2017, the “Do” post is more popular. The Harry Styles tweet was only liked 470,000 times and has 27,000 comments, although it was retweeted slightly more, with 184,000 retweets. Whether these statistic variations are due to the social media site’s increased popularity is hard to say.

What is evident, however, is that the tweet has gotten people talking. This could be a brilliant PR move for Harry, or it could be an accidental tweet. Whatever it is, it has fans curious — which may be precisely the point.

Since it’s been two years since his first solo album debuted, many fans on Twitter thought this could be preceding an announcement of what they have dubbed “HS2,” or the second studio album from the singer. There were plenty of comments asking Harry to stop leaving fans in the dark and to release some information about new music.

The quest for new music doesn’t come without cause. Harry graced the cover of Rolling Stone in August and opened up about the struggles he’s been through and how he’s incorporated that into his new music. Although no release date was revealed, the fact that he admitted to working on an album could mean that a announcement regarding the new tracks could be coming soon.

Others took the tweet as a joke — accidental or not — and followed up his tweet with their own interpretations of what they thought he meant, with some celebrities getting in on the action.

“A deer, a female deer…” was a reply posted by Tennessee newscaster Eryn Cooper. Her response proved to be incredibly popular as well, receiving 4,300 likes and having been retweeted 211 times.

“I do,” Zach Braff wrote, which led to a funny exchange between the actor and his Scrubs coworker Bill Lawrence.

Whatever the reasoning for the tweet, it’s clear Harry’s social media influence has not waned, despite his silence on the platforms. The singer just has to tweet two letters and fans go crazy over him.

Fans wishing to see if Harry tweets any more mysteries can follow him on Twitter.

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