WWE News: Iconic Legend Told He ‘Wasn’t Needed’ For ‘SmackDown’ Debut On FOX

On October 4, 2019, history was made as SmackDown celebrated its 20th anniversary in a big way and with a lot of huge changes. The series moved to a new night and became Friday Night SmackDown while switching from the USA Network to Fox. To celebrate the big-time milestone, WWE invited some of the biggest legends in wrestling history, but they told a true icon that he simply wasn’t needed.

As reported by The Inquisitr, The Rock came back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SmackDown and he opened the show. It was truly a moment to behold as he and Becky Lynch took out King Baron Corbin to a huge ovation, and it was a great time for everyone watching.

Booker T was there. Kurt Angle and Mick Foley were shown in the crowd, and so were Mark Henry and Goldberg, who couldn’t believe it when Brock Lesnar squashed Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. Trish Stratus was having fun watching the action while sitting in the crowd with fans and other legends.

There were so many different big stars shown on camera, but one of the legends advertised for the 20th-anniversary episode never made an appearance. WWE promoted his appearance for months, but he was never anywhere to be seen and fans wondered exactly why The Undertaker was missing in action.

Well, it appears as if WWE simply let “The Phenom” know that his presence at Friday Night SmackDown wasn’t necessary.

On Friday, The Undertaker hopped on his personal Instagram account and posted a picture of himself posing in the ring. It included a simple caption that celebrated SmackDown‘s 20th anniversary and switch to a new network.

It was a rather fitting tribute without a lot of fanfare or extravagance, but no one would expect a post like that from The Undertaker. As the likes and comments added up, one fan said that WWE should have asked Taker to end the show, rather than focus on the Brock Lesnar storyline.

The Undertaker did respond to the comment, and it was quite shocking to see his reply.

“I was told I wasn’t needed.”

Now, The Undertaker may not wrestle regularly or appear in a lot of matches anymore, but it’s hard to understand why he wouldn’t make an appearance. The 20th-anniversary show of Friday Night SmackDown is a big milestone and many fans thought it was weird that he didn’t show up.

It’s not known if or when The Undertaker will wrestle again, but there are probably a few more matches left in him. As for having his iconic presence on the anniversary show of SmackDown, WWE apparently let him know that it just wasn’t a must for him to be there.

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