‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Blasts Sonny After Learning The Truth About Dev

Jax is angry over the Dev lie and lets Sonny have it.

General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Jax is angry over the Dev lie and lets Sonny have it.

Jasper Jacks is no dummy. The past few weeks on General Hospital, he has been doing his best to trip the Corinthos family up because he knew something was fishy about Dev’s story. Josslyn finally spilled the beans that the teen wasn’t really a part of Sonny’s family.

Of course, Jax already knew that. He just wanted confirmation that the whole story of Dev being Sonny’s cousin was all made up. Although he has said all along that he is just trying to protect his daughter, he also would love to nail Sonny. The previews for Monday’s episode of General Hospital shows Jax confronting his daughter’s stepfather and he isn’t too happy. The two men have just tolerated each other mainly because of Joss and Carly, but this time it looks like they will go at it. There are no further details on how this will end up, but Soap Central does tease that Jax is about to welcome a guest into his home. Who will that be?

Jax has wanted Joss to come live with him and even recently suggested that to Carly and Sonny. Carly wasn’t having it. She made the excuse that it would uproot their daughter too much, especially since she is still mourning Oscar. However, this situation may just give Jax the ammunition he needs to make his case stronger that Joss should live with him for a while.

As for the heated exchange between Jax and Sonny on Monday’s General Hospital, the men will be at odds over the Dev situation. Jax is heard in the previews telling Sonny that he hasn’t changed after all. This is a dangerous situation for Dev and for the Corinthos family. They all lied about who Dev is to keep him from being deported. That means Jax will most likely be forced to keep his mouth shut, but that certainly gives him an advantage over Sonny.


Sonny will be heading back home after spending some time at the hospital as he and Carly welcomed their baby girl, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr. They named their daughter Donna and she made it through her surgery with flying colors. Daddy Corinthos will be on a baby high, but Jax will soon knock him down a peg or two once he tells him what he knows.

Now that Jax knows that Dev really isn’t a family member, his concern for Josslyn’s welfare may just get deeper. Sonny may just fill him in on the whole story of how he met the boy, but that doesn’t mean that Jax will feel comfortable with the living arrangements. Spoilers say that Jax will open his home and will play host, so it may just be someone else who he will welcome into his new home.

There is much more drama coming up on General Hospital the week of October 7, as Lulu has a decision to make as Nina is about to say “I do,” and Jason and Sam close in on Peter.