Pandora’s Tower Finally Coming To Wii Consoles In The United States

Pandora’s Tower is finally coming to the United States. The Wii title was released in several countries across the pond starting in 2011 but hadn’t made its way to North America. While some people believed that this particular title might never actually hit American shores it will be on store shelves this April.

Xseed Games, the title’s publisher made the announcement today that the game would no longer be limited to just Europe and Japan. The game was actually released in Japan in May of 2011 and was later launched in Australia and Europe in April of last year.

Pandora’s Tower is an action-RPG where you will play as Aeron. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to brave the tower while fighting off various monsters and scary beast. Once you kill one of the creatures sent after you, you will shave off a piece of their skin and feed it to the damsel in distress in this game.

While that sounds kind of gross, feeding Elena the flesh from these monsters is the only way you can break the curse and keep her from turning into a monster like the ones you are doing battle with in the game.

Along with the announcement that the game is coming to US shores XSEED has released a brand new trailer. In this trailer you will be able to meet several of the main characters in the game. Aeron is an ex-soldier who has fallen in love with the Elena.

His love interest is a beautiful singer who was cursed during a performance at a local festival and Mavda is a mysterious merchant who divulges what you need to do to cure your lady love of the curse.

The trailer will also introduce you to a few of the 12 creatures you will have to defeat in order to lift the curse placed on Elena. Check out the trailer for Pandora’s Tower below and see if it looks like game you’d play.