Donald Trump Jr. Is Accusing Hunter Biden Of Nepotism, And The Internet Is Overcome With Irony

Donald Trump Jr. is suddenly very concerned that Hunter Biden may have benefited financially from his father’s stature in the world, and the internet is overcome with irony.

This week, the president’s eldest son has become one of his most vocal attack dogs against accusations that the improperly pressed Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Trump Jr. has taken to Twitter to defend his father and launch accusations against the Bidens, echoing his father’s accusations that the two are corrupt and that Hunter is the recipient of nepotism for his business connections in Ukraine.

The accusations have tickled the internet, with many pointing out that Donald Trump Jr. owes everything he has to his father — who in turn inherited his business empire from his own father, who the New York Times noted repeatedly bailed out Donald Trump to the tune of more than $400 million (in today’s dollars) when his businesses failed.

The Daily Beast called out Donald Trump Jr. for his seemingly hypocritical focus on Hunter Biden, accusing him of projection.

“The fundamental truth remains: If the Trumps are accusing someone of doing something, they are likely doing it themselves,” read the sub-headline on writer Molly Jong-Fast’s story on Trump Jr.

Many others took to Twitter to mock Trump Jr. for his sudden concern about the children of powerful people benefiting financially from their parents.

“Donald Trump Jr. is outraged by Hunter Biden’s ‘conflict of interest.’ Well, let’s just take a look back at some of the Trumps’ conflicts of interest, shall we?” noted the Mother Jones Twitter account, linking to a full report about his own troubled business connections.

Donald Trump Jr. has actually been attacking Hunter Biden for weeks, with video from an August campaign rally showing President Trump’s son accusing Joe Biden of improperly helping his son benefit from his relationship with China. The appearance came roughly one week after Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president in which he pressed for Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son.

The Atlantic raised another point that could be troubling for Donald Trump Jr. — that if Hunter Biden is fair game, as Trump Jr. suggests, then so are the Trump children. That opens up for investigation the accusations that Ivanka Trump received beneficial treatment from China amid her father’s trade war, that Eric Trump’s charitable foundation skimmed money meant to help kids with cancer, and that Donald Trump Jr. may have tried to accept improper election help in 2016 for his now-infamous meeting with a Kremlin-backed lawyer in Trump Tower.

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