October 4, 2019
Where Is Marc Copage, Diahann Carroll's TV Son On 'Julia,' Now?

The death of Diahann Carroll has many fans recalling her groundbreaking work in television, film, and on the stage. The trailblazing, Oscar-nominated actress passed away from cancer at age 84 on Friday, October 4. As they mourn her passing, fans can take comfort in the fact that the beloved star leaves behind a large body of work, most notably the groundbreaking classic TV series, Julia.

In 1968, Julia became the first TV series with an African American woman in the leading role. Carroll's character, a nurse, was also a Vietnam war widow and single mom to a young son, Corey Baker (Marc Copage).

Copage, now 57, has not yet released a statement on Carroll's death, but many fans are now wondering whatever happened to him.

Marc Copage worked with Diahann Carroll for 86 episodes of Julia, from 1968 to 1971. The child star logged more than a dozen acting credits after playing Julia's son Corey on the NBC series, including roles on Sanford and Son, Diff'rent Strokes, and Cop Rock. Copage's most recent acting credit was in 2018 for The Meg.

In 2014, Copage got real about his real life. In an interview with Real School People, the actor noted that he has lived his life "from top to bottom" after starring on the most-watched television show in the country as a little boy.

"I've enjoyed various levels of success throughout my entertainment career. I've stayed in the finest hotels, been given the key to cities, and was even invited to the White House to meet the President of the United States. I've also mopped floors, cleaned toilets for a living, and been nearly homeless."

Michael Link (Earl J. Waggedorn) and Marc Copage (Corey Baker) from the television series Julia. The boys lived in the same apartment building and were close friends on the show.
Wikimedia Commons | NBC

In a 2014 interview with Jet, Copage revealed that he returned to school to study jazz improvisation and to become a jazz musician. He also revealed that he learned a lot from Carroll "just from working with her on a daily basis" as a child actor.

Copage did admit he didn't regularly keep in touch with his TV mom.

"Every now and then they have me surprise her at an award show or other public function. The last time was a Mother's Day tribute given by the SAG Foundation or something like that. They had a bunch of TV moms and the people who played their sons or daughters present them flowers."
Marc Copage most recently reunited with Diahann Carroll in 2017, according to a photo posted on the website Boy Culture.

Copage still has many fans who remember him as the chubby-cheeked son on Julia. In 2016, talk show host Arsenio Hall even fanboyed over meeting the former Julia star.

In addition to Diahann Carroll and Marc Copage, Julia starred Lloyd Nolan, Michael Link, Betty Beaird, and Lurene Tuttle. You can see the opening credits to the show below.