‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers: Reality Steve Teases A Franchise First During Peter Weber’s Season

Ed HerreraABC

Update: Peter Weber has been hospitalized after falling down while playing golf in Costa Rica.

Peter Weber is in the midst of filming the 2020 season of ABC’s The Bachelor and spoilers from blogger Reality Steve just revealed some juicy tidbits about some recent drama. Production is always aiming to generate something buzzworthy that has never happened before, and it looks like they already achieved their goal while filming Episode 4 in Ohio.

Reality Steve shared the crazy details on Wednesday via his Twitter page. He detailed that Peter had a one-on-one date with contestant Victoria Fuller and things took a turn that she certainly did not anticipate.

As part of the outing, Peter and Victoria were treated to a concert put on specifically for their benefit. In this case, however, The Bachelor spoilers tease that Victoria was none-too-happy with the special concert featuring country singer Chase Rice.

According to Reality Steve’s tweets, Victoria and Chase had some sort of relationship prior to her joining The Bachelor. Spoilers from photos and videos sent to the gossip king show Peter and Victoria walking up to the concert and the moment she realizes that her ex-boyfriend is performing for her as she dances and snuggles with her new “boyfriend.”

In a string of tweets, the spoiler king explained what he knows about the connection between Chase and Victoria, as well as what happened during this portion of the one-on-one date with Peter.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that he had heard quite a bit about Victoria before filming started, including that she had spent time with or dated Chase before the show. The country singer currently follows Victoria on Instagram, but Reality Steve doesn’t know any specifics about this former relationship, including how serious it was, how long it was, or why it ended.

Despite that, producers clearly knew there was some kind of history there. As Reality Steve teased, it is essentially guaranteed that Victoria was on that specific date by design to see if anything juicy happened when she saw Chase.

Apparently, Victoria was not happy with the situation.

Based on The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, producers did get some drama out of this situation. Will this have any impact on Peter’s likelihood to keep Victoria for a while? How much of this will be shown when his season airs this winter?

The next rose ceremony should be filmed in Ohio within the next few days and Reality Steve will likely get the scoop fairly quickly regarding whether Victoria gets a rose from Peter. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Peter and his remaining ladies will head to Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile after this next rose ceremony.

Fans will most likely be curious to get additional The Bachelor spoilers about this former connection between Victoria and Chase. Peter definitely ended up looped in on their previous relationship from the sound of things, but everybody will have to hang tight and stay tuned to find out what happened next.