October 3, 2019
'Happy Days' Reboot Being Pitched By This Surprising Original Cast Member

Happy Days could be the next classic TV sitcom to get a reboot -- if Jenny Piccolo gets her way. A revival of the long-running ABC sitcom is being shopped by Cathy Silvers, the daughter of late comedy legend Phil Silvers who also played Cunningham family friend Jenny Piccolo on the original series.

In a new interview with TooFab, Silvers, who played Joanie Cunningham's (the late Erin Moran) boy-crazy best friend, Jenny Piccolo, from 1980 to 1984 on the final seasons of the original Happy Days, said it's "time" for a comeback for the classic comedy.

"I'm working with writers now on it. Cause it makes sense now. We're waiting for the green light, but I'm on board," the actress said.

Silvers, 58, revealed that while the original series focused on the Cunningham family and their friends in 1950s/'60s Wisconsin, the new version would be called Happy Days Again and would have her character as the owner of the gang's old school hangout, Arnold's restaurant. But instead of burgers, fries, and chocolate malts, Jenny Piccolo's eatery would serve healthy fare as she juggles being a restaurant owner with raising five kids.

While no one else involved in the original Happy Days has publicly expressed interest in reviving their characters for a reboot, Silvers told TooFab that in her mind, Henry Winkler's Fonzie, Ron Howard's Richie Cunningham, and Marion Ross' Marion Cunningham would all be part of the new show. Silvers did not confirm if she approached the original cast members with her pitch, admitting she doesn't want to "spook the production."

"We're gonna stick me behind Arnold's bar. If Henry will do it, he'll live upstairs. …We're friends. And I want him back on set. I want him back in his apartment. … If Ronnie wants to come back, we'll put him and Marion in the Cunningham living room. That's pretty much what Happy Days Again is gonna be... we need it, it's time."
Of course, it could be a hard sell to get original Happy Days stars Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, and Marion Ross to sign on to a reboot. Howard is busy making Oscar-winning films while Winkler recently won an Emmy for his role on HBO's Barry. In addition, last year Ross, aka Mrs. C., announced she has officially retired from acting at age 90.

Howard even told The New York Daily News in 2017 that he had no interest in a Happy Days reboot.

"I don't really think so, no," Howard said at the time. "A lot of it was about youth and that kind of discovery. You know, when we did the show it was already nostalgic, and one of the reasons it didn't age or it ages very well is because it's already a look back."

Sadly, original Happy Days dad Tom Bosley died in 2010, while his TV daughter, Erin Moran, died in 2017. And Arnold's owners Pat Morita and Al Molinaro have also passed away. Other stars in the original Happy Days series included Anson Williams, Donny Most, Lynda Goodfriend, Scott Baio, and Ted McGinley.

Publicity photo from Happy Days
Wikimedia Commons | ABC Television

A few years before his death in 2016, Happy Days creator Garry Marshall teased a future Netflix reboot of Happy Days. At the time, Marshall said a reboot was "very possible." In addition, former Happy Days star Ted McGinley has expressed his interest in a Happy Days reboot.

Happy Days debuted on ABC in 1974 and ran for 11 seasons. The hit sitcom spawned the spinoffs Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Joanie Loves Chachi, and the short-lived Blansky's Beauties. Now, it sounds like there could be one more story to tell with Happy Days Again.