Stanley Tucci ‘Can’t Stand’ Filming In 3D

Stanley Tucci has revealed that he doesn’t enjoy working on 3D and CGI films, despite having starred in the new 3D movie Jack The Giant Slayer.

Tucci plays the movie’s villain, Lord Roderick, in Bryan Singer’s fantasy epic, and described the experience as “humiliating.”

The actor told the BBC, “I can’t stand 3D, I really can’t. I’m happy to go watch it but I don’t like shooting in 3D. It’s not fun.”

Tucci, who was nominated for a best supporting Academy Award in 2009 for his role in Peter Jackson’s, The Lovely Bones, stars alongside Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor in the adventure movie.

He also noted, “Nobody will tell you it’s so fun shooting in 3D. We were all dressed in stupid outfits. It was pretty funny sitting around in chairs everybody with little caps on, tight spandex things with little balls over you.”

Tucci then remarked, “I’m not kidding. It’s so humiliating!” He also discussed the problem of working in these situations, revealing that the equipment had broken down numerous times.

However, he did concede, “Ultimately it looks amazing and you have to be patient, but when you’re sitting around for 13 hours a day in soaking wet leather doublets, and you maybe get two shots off a day, it’s kind of frustrating.”

When discussing the process of working with the technology Tucci also stated that it’s not very exciting for a thespian and that he decided to take a role in Jack The Giant Slayer for the money.

“I’ll be honest, an independent film, you do it because you love it, but I think motion capture movies are the ones where you have to be a paid a lot of money,” he proclaimed.

Jack The Giant Slayer has performed poorly at the box office, and only took $28 million on its opening weekend, despite costing $190 million to make.