After A Third Grader Lost Everything In A House Fire, His Classmates Saved The Day


When tragedy touched a little boy named Daniel Hunt in Tennessee, his third-grade class at Philadelphia Elementary School stepped up to surround him with love and cheer him up. Hunt’s family home burned down in an accidental fire, leaving him with nothing. Thus, his classmates came up with a secret plan to work together and make Daniel’s day, according to Today.

Without Daniel’s knowledge, the students started a toy drive and began bringing in toys from home. While the collection of surprise toys for Daniel piled up, the children thought of little ways to show Daniel how much they cared about him. They sharpened his pencils for him, held doors open for him, and made sure he was always surrounded by friends while at recess. All the while, the collection of toys for him was growing.

“The kids could not wait to do this for Daniel. It was amazing to witness the excitement these third-grade kids had while sneaking in toys,” said school counselor Kelly Jones.

Last Friday, the children finally surprised Daniel with his new toys, which included stuffed animals, board games, Legos, Pokemon, and much more.

Jones recalls Daniel’s ecstatic reaction when he saw the toys and realized what his classmates had done for him. Rather than immediately begin to look through the toys and play, Daniel took the time to show his appreciation with a group hug.

“He said ‘I love it! Everyone come here,’ with his arms open wide. The kids immediately swarmed in for a large group hug,” Jones said.

She went on to explain how the sweet gesture touched everyone, including the adults in the room. Though the students were only in third grade, they were able to recognize the simple joy of giving.

“Every adult and even a few students had tears swelling up in their eyes who were in the room to witness this. I feel extremely blessed to have witnessed the pure love and giving from the hearts of the third-grade students at my school.”

House fires, like the one Daniel’s family endured, are more common than one might think. Just last month, a Florida family experienced the tragedy, according to The Inquisitr. What made this story unique was that the family’s dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, woke up each member of the family by barking so that they could safely get out of the home in time. Unfortunately, the little dog died after saving everyone’s lives.