‘The Conners’ Fans React To Surprise Guest Star From Original ‘Roseanne’ Series: ‘Kathy Bowman!’

Viewers got a blast from the past when Darlene faced off with an angry grandparent in the principal's office.

Eric McCandless / ABC

Viewers got a blast from the past when Darlene faced off with an angry grandparent in the principal's office.

The Conners has been known for giving fans Easter eggs from the show’s Roseanne days – the jar of pickled eggs that has been in the family’s pantry for 30 years is an example – but no one expected this blast from the past cameo.

On the most recent episode of the ABC spinoff, titled “A Kiss Is Just a Kiss,” Darlene (Sara Gilbert) had it out with an uptight grandmother in the school principal’s office. The woman, aka “Austin’s grandmother,” was outraged over the fact that her grandson was kissed in school by Darlene’s son Mark (Ames McNamara), thus violating the school’s no-PDA policy. At one point she called Mark a liar and shamed him for wearing nail polish. The outraged guardian did not want to face the fact that her grandson is gay, so she lashed out at the Conners.

It didn’t take fans of the ABC spinoff long to recognize the actress who was throwing the tantrum. In comments to an Instagram pic from the scene, viewers immediately recognized her as Meagen Fay, the actress who played stuck-up next door neighbor Kathy Bowman on the original Roseanne series.

“Kathy Bowman!!” wrote a fan.

“The other boy’s grandma was Mrs. Bowman from the original Roseanne series!” added another.

“Omg I thought she looked familiar,” chimed in a third fan.

Actress Meagan Fay attends the premiere of Disney's "The Country Bears" at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California.
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Roseanne fans surely remember Kathy, the snobby wife of Jerry Bowman (Danton Stone) and mother to DJ’s friend Todd who met the Conners when their family moved to Lanford from Chicago in 1991. Their intro was awkward as Kathy began sneezing in the Conner home and told Roseanne she was allergic to dust.

The relationship soured further when Roseanne and Dan stood by as Bowman’s house was robbed because they thought the burglars were charity collectors. Eventually, the Bowmans moved back to Chicago.

According to IMDB, Meagen Fay appeared in four episodes of Roseanne between 1991 and 1992. In the 27 years since, she has logged guest roles on Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle, Two and a Half Men, Grace and Frankie, and much more.


Fay is just one of several past recurring Roseanne guest stars who have turned up on The Conners. Other returning stars include James Pickens Jr. as Dan Conner’s pal Chuck Mitchell, Natalie West as family friend Crystal Anderson, and of course, Johnny Galecki, who plays Darlene’s longtime love, David Healy.

You can see her Meagen Fay as Kathy Bowman on Roseanne in the video below.

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.