Chipper Jones To The Yankees Required Twitter Intervention

Chipper Jones to the Yankees probably was never going to happen, but General Manager Brian Cashman needed Twitter to get in touch with the retired Atlanta Braves star.

The New York Yankees GM admitted to reporters that he inexplicably didn’t have a phone number for Chipper Jones’ agent, so he asked media members to send out a tweet. “Get it out there,” Cashman said in encouraging the baseball press to use social media to alert the agent of his interest in Jones. “I would sign him in a heartbeat. He can play third base, first base, D.H. He would be perfect.”

Cashman acknowledged it was out of the [batter’s] box thinking, and Chipper Jones, the future Hall of Famer, is indeed staying retired.

Given the injuries to first baseman Mark Teixeira and outfielder Curtis Granderson, the Yankees roster is in need of an extreme makeover, at least temporarily. Cashman is also reaching out to slugger Derrek Lee. Casham apparently already had Lee’s cell number.

In explaining his reliance on Twitter to contact Chipper Jones or his agent, Cashman added that “I figured that is the quickest line of communication — Twitter. I already know the answer, but I figured I might as well throw it out there.”

Sure enough, Chipper Jones’ agent B.B. Abbot found out about the Yankees interest in his client via Twitter, and said thanks, but no thanks. Jones appreciated the Yankees interest in his services, Abbot noted, but he’s not coming out of retirement. Abbot said that Jones was “was part amused, part flattered,” by Cashman’s interest and that the Yankees would be on the short list of any team for which he would theoretically unretire. Chipper Jones reaffirmed that he is a Brave for life, and he himself went on Twitter to make it clear that he has no plans to unretire. The good news perhaps is that Cashman now has Abbot’s cell phone number.

The Yankees, a.k.a. the Evil Empire, have a fat checkbook to sign free agents but for now the most likely scenario is that the Yankees will use Juan Rivera to replace Teixeira at first base. What the outfield looks like on Opening Day is another matter.

Would you have liked it if Chipper Jones to the Yankees actually happened in the 2013 MLB season?