Bryan Craig’s ‘Grand Hotel’ Canceled, Speculation Of A ‘General Hospital’ Return Sure To Swirl

Bryan Craig poses at an event
Lorenzo Bevilaqua / ABC

News just emerged that the ABC show Grand Hotel has been canceled after just one season. Former General Hospital star Bryan Craig had a significant role in the primetime drama, and now that this gig is over, speculation will surely swirl again that perhaps he can return to the role of Morgan Corinthos.

Deadline shared the news Tuesday afternoon that ABC decided to cancel rather than renew Grand Hotel. Eva Longoria was the executive producer of the soapy evening show, so it was able to generate a fair amount of buzz. However, it just didn’t bring in the ratings it needed for the network to keep it going.

The Grand Hotel cancellation doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Craig had been encouraging his fans to root for a renewal, as did others connected to the show. Unfortunately, it seems the contingent of fans anxious to see the show return just wasn’t sizable enough to make it happen.

What will Craig do now that his work as Javi on Grand Hotel is over? It will likely take little to no time at all for General Hospital fans to start campaigning to have him brought back as Morgan.

General Hospital fans know that Morgan supposedly died in an explosion, but his body was never found. Craig did return once in ghost form in an Ava-centric episode, and he had teased fans more than once that he might be returning for more. In fact, at times it seemed that he very much wanted to return to the role he had previously chosen to leave.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier this year, however, once Craig booked his Grand Hotel gig, he seemed ready to put General Hospital fully in his past. Could his opinion change now that he’s no longer attached to Grand Hotel?


Morgan’s name is brought up frequently on General Hospital and it probably would not take much to bring the character back. While it’s certainly possible that perhaps they could lure Craig back, or ultimately recast, it seems fans might not want to get ahead of themselves here.

Craig may not be doing Grand Hotel any longer, but his IMDb page does not several other projects he’s got in the works right now. He has a film titled Women Is Losers filming right now and it seems he has a role in an upcoming television series titled Revenge Wars that is currently in pre-production.

In the land of soap operas, writers always find a way to bring a character or cast member back if they really want to, and fans have been expecting Morgan Corinthos to come back ever since his supposed death. Now that Bryan Craig’s latest show has been canceled, General Hospital fans will probably be keeping a close eye on his social media pages to see if he sends any signals about being ready to head back to Port Charles.