Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez Ditches Her Underwear In Knee-High Socks, Roller Skates & Sexy Pigtails

Suzy Cortez is back on the ‘Gram. The model and social media sensation whose Miss BumBum status has already been documented by The Inquisitr has posted a brand new update, and it’s driving her fans nuts. The winner of the Brazilian Miss BumBum contest has amassed quite the Instagram following. Then again, with a figure like Suzy’s, it’s of little surprise why fans continue to subscribe to her account.

Suzy also seems to be a bit of a tease in terms of her updates. Beady-eyed fans will have spotted that parts of today’s look featured in a post made by Suzy four days ago, although that image was nowhere near as wild as today’s photo. Yes, Suzy bared it all, with her super-built and peachy rear making a full appearance today.

The photo showed the star posing outdoors in front of a glass-paneled balcony overlooking the ocean. Viewers’ eyes were likely on the stunner taking up the foreground, though. Suzy was seen sitting on a wooden ledge with her bare and tan behind taking center stage, although there was plenty more to look at. The brunette was rocking a knee-high pair of socks in white with red stripes, with roller skates on the star’s feet adding a fun touch to the snap. The star’s pigtails also added to the playful vibe, as she was seen holding them with each hand. Suzy also rocked a pink crop top, showing how muscular her flat stomach and thighs are.


It looks like this update got noticed quickly, managing to rack up over 4,000 likes in just 20 minutes. Fan comments were mostly posted in languages other than English, although this social media sensation is fast racking up followers from all countries. Those 20 minutes saw plenty of comments coming in.


“U ARE SO BEAUTIFUL,” one fan wrote with a flower emoji placed before and after the words.

“BEAUTIFUL ANGEL,” another said.


Suzy does seem to have a wowing effect on her fans every time an update goes live. She may seem out to showcase that famous rear of hers, but she does more than just flash it for her admirers. As the Daily Star reports, Suzy recently took to social media with stunning shots of herself with a feathered headpiece as she posed in natural waters. The update was geared towards preserving the Amazon, with the model using a powerful caption to encourage fans to “preserve” forestry. Of course, her rear was on show, but she seemed to have a completely different agenda.

Today was back to that booty-flaunting, though. Fans wishing to see more of Suzy should follow her Instagram.