Prince Philip’s Alleged Pet Peeves, ‘Hates’ Detailed By Biographer Penny Junor

Prince Philip attends Princess Eugenie's wedding.
WPA Pool / Getty Images

Prince Philip may be one of Britain’s most beloved royals, but at times he has also been known to be rather difficult. According to The Express, the Duke of Edinburgh once walked off in a huff after being confronted about his pet peeves. What made matters worse was that he made a specific request, which was blatantly ignored.

Both the prince and Queen Elizabeth are rather low-key royals. They prefer to keep fuss to a minimum when going about their royal engagements.

Author Penny Junor recounted a particular incident in her book The Firm, which highlights Prince Philip’s pet peeves.

“At a conference in Auckland one year he was irritated by the convoy of cars with flashing blue lights that the local police had laid on to escort him. When he arrived at the event he walked down the line of policemen and said: ‘When we leave, I want three or four cars; no more. Five cars were waiting or him when he came out the conference. He counted them. ‘Come on,’ he said to his companions, ‘We’re walking’, and they walked the mile or so back to the hotel.”

The author reports that Prince Philip’s walk of fury had the desired effect. It was the last time that there were too many cars in the convoy.

A few years ago, the prince also revealed his preference for the mundane. In 2013, he shocked Great Britain when he made it clear that he has even thought about his funeral, per The Daily Mail.

“I don’t want the fuss of a full state funeral,” Prince Philip reportedly said.


While the Queen had the whole regalia in 2002, Prince Philip does not want to lie-in-state in Westminster Hall. Instead, he has chosen to lie in St. James’s Palace. Royal buffs will know that Diana’s funeral was held at the same church.

However, The Inquisitr reported that full convoys and state funerals are not the only things that Prince Philip hates. When the Duke of Edinburgh unexpectedly arrived at Balmoral this summer, at least one guest was allegedly forced to leave.

The duke reportedly cannot stand Sarah Ferguson. He reportedly believes that she humiliated the royal family when photos of her affair went public in the ’90s.

So, Ferguson had to leave the castle when her former father-in-law arrived. It is reported that Prince Philip refuses to be under the same roof as the redhead.