Kaley Cuoco Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous Barefoot In Her Bedroom: ‘Favorite Nightshirt To Date’

Kaley Cuoco is always a natural beauty. While the rest of Hollywood fills its bathroom cabinets with half of Sephora, The Big Bang Theory star flies the flag for low-frills looks and ditching the warpaint. Kaley will doll up for the odd red carpet event, but by and large, this girl comes cosmetics-free. Kaley has updated her social media with some new content, although yes, of the stories that Kaley posted to her Instagram this past day, there was plenty of horse-related material. Fans of Kaley are likely aware that horses are her biggest love.

Kaley’s recent Instagram story showed her in her bedroom. The blonde was looking fresh-faced and beautiful as she stood in what was officially the least-glam look ever. Kaley was wearing a light gray nightshirt with short sleeves, with the gown falling around her knees. A picture of a dog on the gown seemed to be the cause of great pleasure for Kaley, with three blue hearts seen above and below the canine.

Kaley was literally beaming. The star had been snapped full length – fans could see that she was barefoot – although eyes were likely on that gorgeous smile. Kaley was almost laughing, with the huge grin almost having an infectious feel. The star was wearing no makeup, with her blond hair tied up into a messy bun atop her head.

Some text accompanied the story.


“Favorite nightshirt to date,” it read, before thanking the person who had given to her.

Fans watching the story just preceding this image will have seen the standard getup from Kaley; she was on horseback and talking about all this equestrian. This television star may have a reputation for keeping fit on horseback, but Kaley has another love. Well, she discovered it by hating something else. Speaking to Women’s Health Mag, the actress revealed her love of hot yoga with a bit of an admission.


“I realized I don’t like running…I refuse to do it. I like spinning, so I try to mix that in. When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, this is my thing,” she told the magazine.


“Sometimes do I want to get up in the morning and do it? No. But when I get out, I feel like a million bucks,” Kaley added.

Fans would likely agree that Kaley managed to look a million bucks just standing there in her nightshirt. Anyone wishing to catch the next update from Kaley should follow her Instagram – as The Inquisitr recently reported, a selfie with Kaley’s sister recently landed on the actress’ account.