Cameron Monaghan Lifts Noel Fisher With One Arm In New ‘Shameless’ Promo

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As anyone who follows any members of the Shameless cast or the official series page on Instagram knows, a new promotional image for Season 10 of the series dropped today.

The latest Shameless promotional photo comes with a wrestling theme as it announces round 10 of the series is about to begin.

As fans browse the different Instagram profiles, they will see there are two different promotional images. The first features Frank rocking a maroon colored top and navy blue pants with white stars. He looks to be soaring through the air as he prepares to land on the rest of the crew wrestling beneath him.

With so much to look at in the promotional photos, the official Shameless Instagram broke it down so that each square on the account’s profile as fans scroll is a different section of the photo. Fans can click on each section of the promo and watch a short video clip featuring one of the characters displayed in the thumbnail.

Shanola Hampton, who plays the role of Veronica, shared a slightly different version of the promo than what is being displayed on the official account page.

The snapshot features an array of muscular skin as all of the core male cast members with the exception of William H. Macy are without a shirt. Every member of the Shameless family, including little Liam who is in the center, are decked out in wrestling attire. Like the first promo image, Frank can still be seen soaring through the air.

As if the promotional images and video clips across Instagram weren’t enough to send fans into a frenzy, Cameron Monaghan felt the need to prove that he was, in fact, lifting his on-screen lover into the air.

In the promotional image, Cameron has one arm wrapped around the waist of Noel Fisher (who plays Mickey). A closer look reveals one of Cameron’s hands on Fisher’s chest and the other cupping his own ear as he looks to be in the middle of a warrior scream with a furrowed brow and gaping mouth. Noel appears a little terrified as he hangs upside down with Cameron holding him by his waist.

On Cameron’s Instagram stories, he shared a few behind-the-scene snapshots of himself and Noel posing for the promotional image. Cameron included captions with the two snaps as he explained he felt the need to prove that he had lifted Noel up with a single arm.

The second photo was a closer look at him holding Noel as he drew an arrow and called attention to the single arm that was hoisting his co-star up.

With so much going on in the promotional image – and so many different video clips to watch on the official series page – there are all sorts of different types of comments creeping up across the different Instagram posts.

The majority are using words such as “legendary,” “epic,” and “sick” to describe how they feel about the latest Season 10 pictures.

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Another round 11/10!!

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Across all the posts, most agree that they can’t wait for Season 10. More importantly, they hope Ian and Mickey don’t really break up.

Shameless Season 10 is slated to premiere on Sunday, November 10 on Showtime. All nine previous seasons of Shameless are available on both Netflix and the Showtime streaming apps with plenty of time to binge through them before the premiere.