Hoda Kotb Sheds Tears As She Tells Maria Shriver About A Tender Moment She Shared With Beau Joel Schiffman

Bennett RaglinGetty Images

After taking a bit of time off from her day job, Hoda Kotb is back at Today, sharing her life as she interviews others. Earlier this week, the popular talk show host sat down with colleague Maria Shriver to describe a tender moment between herself and her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman.

She set up her story by telling her companion that before she was linked to him, she had made a list of qualities she wanted in a partner. Among the most important qualities she was seeking was a man with “infinite patience.” She also wanted to couple with a guy who is “kind” and “sincere.”

At that point, 55-year-old Hoda waxed poetic while talking through her happy tears.

“I remember when [Joel] looked at me and spoke to me about love… I always get emotional if someone is truthful, really truthful and I feel it. I remember he looked me in the eye and I started crying. He said he was in love with me.”

At that point, both Hoda and Maria had to take a moment. After a very pregnant pause, Hoda gushed that “it was a good day” when that happened.

Maria agreed.

“And you believed him?” she asked in what was a rhetorical question while adding that her colleague probably already knew that Joel was speaking the truth.

After he said those magic words, Hoda admitted she just sat there, saying nothing. He broke into her thoughts and said, “Don’t leave me hanging out here.”

The two Today hosts then discussed how what a person wants in terms of his or her love life is often different when they are younger than when they are a bit more mature. At that point, figuring out what you actually want and need can take quite a bit of personal introspection.

Maria said writing down the important aspects of the search can unlock the mystery. She also made a huge point when Maria said you also have to explore what you are seeking in order to be yourself instead of finding another person “to complete you.”

On another note, soon after Hoda completed her hiatus and returned to work at Today, she interviewed Gwen Stefani. While the host is obviously devoted to her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, she does possess a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to Gwen’s man. Hoda admitted she is “obsessed” with Blake Shelton.

“I can relate. He’s a magical person,” Gwen answered back to the person who was her unexpected competition.

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