‘Punisher’ Targets Bad Drivers In Russia [Video]

the punisher

The Punisher, a new super villain / hero, is targeting bad drivers in Russia.

Alexia Volkov, dubbed “The Punisher,” has been ramming his bus into bad drivers in Russia. And thankfully, like every citizen of Russia, he has a dashboard camera and has captured his heroic / evil acts.

Volkov drives a bus in Russia and is frequently cut off by other drivers. He used to slow down in order to avoid an accident but now he just keeps driving.

Day or night, rain, snow or shine, whenever an errant driver gets in his way, Volkov rams his bus into the offending vehicle without apology — and records it all on his dashboard camera.

Vokov said: “In total I have had more than one hundred accidents. Of course, I haven’t uploaded all of them: in my channel there are only the obvious scams and some colorful collisions. Besides, I acquired the dash camera only in 2007.”

According to Red Hot Russia, most of The Punisher’s accidents involve “teachers.” In Russia, the term “teachers” refers to someone who tries to scam the system. In this case, the “teachers” will pull in front of the bus in order to get from behind since the law typically sides with the vehicle that was hit. But since The Punisher has a dashboard camera he can ram into the car and prove his innocence.

Here’s the video of the Punisher in action.

Of course, The Punisher isn’t the only one that has to deal with “teachers.” One of the reasons Russia has so many dash cams is because pedestrians will frequently try to fake an accident.

What do you think of The Punisher’s driving methods? Is he a hero of a villain?