Shakira Rocks Ethereal Glowing Beauty Look On Instagram, Serenades Her Fans

In her latest Instagram update, pop star Shakira surprised her 59 million Instagram followers with a wild video in which she serenaded her fans while rocking a bold makeup look.

Not much of Shakira’s outfit was visible in the shot. Her brown curls were styled in a half-up, half-down look that was casual and slightly tousled. Her makeup was what set apart this video more than anything else. The pop star rocked an extremely bold, full face of makeup that had her glowing.

On her lids, Shakira had on lime green eyeshadow. She also sported shiny, soft pink lips, as well as a heavy-handed dose of blush. She also appeared to have strobed her face with multi-toned highlighters that caused her face to gleam and glow as she turned it while singing. While the ethereal look could have been gained by a filter, the pop star didn’t clarify. However, the rest of her intense makeup seems to lend itself to being an analog look.

Shakira told her fans in the caption that she made the video because her song “Don’t Bother” made it to the number one spot on YouTube. The singer’s newest video proved popular as well, with over 887,000 views within just two hours of it going live.

Many of her followers filled the comment section with compliments and phrases in Spanish, while many others simply opted to leave a string of emoji for the singer. A few others showered her with compliments in English, calling her a queen and several fans even told her they loved her.

Shakira recently celebrated another major milestone in her career, this time with another powerhouse pop star by her side. As The Inquisitr reported, Shakira will be taking the stage with Jennifer Lopez to headline the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show.

Teasing the news of the performance, pictures featuring Shakira’s booty circulated around the internet. In the picture used to create some buzz about the reveal, Shakira rocked tight black pants and a sequined top, incorporating the date of the big game on a large ring on her hand.

Many of JLo’s and Shakira’s fans were excited about the reveal and have already expressed that they cannot wait to see what kind of performance the two talented, yet very different, performers will put together.

Shakira is known for her skill at belly dancing, so perhaps she’ll have to give Jennifer a few lessons prior to them taking the stage together. If she could learn how to pole dance for her latest role in the movie Hustlers, surely a pro like Shakira could teach Jennifer a thing or two about belly dancing.

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