The Duggars Have A Baby On The Way, Third Grandchild For Michelle And Jim Bob

The Duggars Third Grandchild

The Duggars have another baby on the way. The family appeared on Today on Monday morning to announce that son Josh, 26, and his wife, Anna, 25, are preparing for baby number three.

Lucky baby number three also marks the third grandchild for grandma Michelle and grandpa Jim Bob.

On Today Anna Duggar proclaimed, “We’re expecting … Surprise!”

Josh Duggar revealed that the Duggars will welcome baby number three on June 7.

Josh and Anna already appear to be on the path to follow in Josh’s parents footsteps. The couple wed in 2008 and immediately became pregnant with 3-year-old daughter Mackynzie Renee. The couple followed that pregnancy up with 1-year-old Michael James, and now they are onto baby number three.

While the couple does not yet known the sex of the baby, we are solidly betting on a name that starts with “M.” All 19 Duggar children have names that start with J, and it appears so far that Anna and Josh may stick with a common first letter as well.

When asked about first letter naming, Josh Duggar revealed, “We have Mackynzie and Michael, so we’ll let everybody wait and see.”

When asked if they plan to also have 19 kids, Anna Duggar proclaimed:

“I’m from a small family of eight and I’m so glad that my parents had each of the children that they had. Children are a blessing.”

Michelle and Jim Bob have spoken in length about their decision to leave child planning up to God; however, Anna and Josh have never openly discussed where their family planning beliefs are in that respect.

Michelle Duggar recently suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with her 20th child, a similar fate she suffered with her second pregnancy.

Do you think Josh and Anna Duggar are likely to carry on the Duggars family tradition with a few dozen children of their own?