Felicity Huffman’s Stint In Prison Will Reportedly Involve A Strip Search And Other Forms Of Humiliation

Paul DrinkwaterGetty Images

Earlier this month, former Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty for her involvement in the college admissions scandal. She faced fraud related charges for paying Rick Singer, the alleged ringleader of the scheme, $15,000 to have her teenage daughter’s SAT exam answers corrected to give her a better shot at getting into the college of her choice. Because she took a plea deal, Huffman was sentenced to only 14 days in prison. She’ll also have to pay a $30,000 fine, complete a year of probation, and do community service. Prison consultant Justin Paperny recently discussed what Huffman can expect from her stint in prison, according to People.

While 14 days might not seem like much time at all, Paperny says these will most likely be the longest and most uncomfortable 14 days of Huffman’s life. He believes she will encounter discomfort and embarrassment unlike anything she’s experienced before. The worst part, according to Paperny, will likely be the strip search she’ll be forced to endure upon her arrival.

However, there are ways the actress can begin to mentally prepare herself for what is to come. Huffman will not be heading to prison until October 25, which means she has time to learn how to cope with what she could be facing. Paperny explained that her two weeks in prison could be finished without much fuss, as long as she keeps a low profile and remembers a few keys tips.

Paperny said that if Huffman can get through the strip search, the rest of the experience should be bearable. He recommended that she stay busy and productive so that the time goes by quicker and should make the most of her allotted exercise time. The harder she works out, the more easily she’ll be able to fall asleep.

“The reality is there are troubles and pitfalls every moment of every day at camp. The reason people come out of it successfully is that they prepare,” Paperny said.

He went on to explain that a routine could be beneficial to the actress.

“If she can wake earlier and create a productive routine by herself then she’s avoiding the drama and nonsense many of the people caught up in. It can be very noisy in the dorm, with lockers closing, prisoners yelling, the cutting of the toenails, the fighting, and the whistling,” he says.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Huffman has been spending time with her family, making amends for those she hurt, and beginning the healing process.