Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Katherine Chancellor’s Will Shocker

Cliff LipsonCBS

Brand new The Young and the Restless spoilers leave Devon stunned when Amanda reads Katherine Chancellor’s other will. Plus, the person Devon’s grandmother supposedly left her massive fortune to is genuinely shocking.

Devon actor Bryton James discussed the complicated storyline recently with Soap Opera Digest. He revealed that Amanda (Mishael Morgan) will insist that Chance Chancellor is the one who hired her and set up the whole challenge for the will. However, Chance cannot come to Genoa City. Devon hired Brittany Hodges (Lauren Woodland) to speak for him, and he honestly hopes the whole thing will be over.

Amanda being Hilary’s doppelganger has thrown him for a loop, and he really wants to continue moving forward in his new life with Elena (Brytni Sarpy). The Inquisitr recently reported that Amanda crashed Elena’s birthday party, causing chaos and ruining the celebration. Devon feels concerned that Amanda could also wreak havoc on his relationship.

Meanwhile, Jill (Jess Walton) will show up to the new will reading. She struggles to believe that Chance could be behind the whole thing. It seems that almost everybody thinks that Amanda is participating in some type of con, whether she is actually in on it or not. Jill runs into Cane (Daniel Goddard), and he is also surprised about this coming up so many years after Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) passed away and Devon inherited her fortune. He goes with her to the meeting with Devon and Amanda as moral support.

Amanda gathers the new paperwork, which supposedly is Katherine’s real will, meaning the other one was falsified. She reads it out loud, and that Katherine’s $2.475 billion fortune is left to somebody else entirely. The person Katherine ended up naming is not someone that Devon or Jill thought they would hear.

“The results of what everybody in the room ends up hearing are not what they expect,” revealed James. “This will affect Devon in a way he never anticipated, and he’ll have some big decisions on his shoulders.”

Shockingly, the name on the alleged real will of the late Katherine Chancellor is none other than Cane Ashby! This is a tough pill for Devon and Jill to swallow. Viewers may remember that when Cane came to town originally, he impersonated Phillip Chancellor II, who was Katherine’s grandson and Jill’s son. Everything came out that Phillip talked Cane into the situation, and after everything calmed down, Cane stayed in Genoa City and built a life there. He and Lily (Christel Khalil) were married for a long time, but they got divorced earlier this year. There is no telling how Devon will react to this information.