Kelly Clarkson & Gwen Stefani Talk Girl Power On ‘The Voice’

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Kelly Clarkson has found a comrade in Gwen Stefani, as the two female The Voice judges have banded together. This so-called “girl power” causes both singer-songwriters to have each other’s back as they rule on the reality show competition that often pits one arbiter against the other.

On September 25, Kelly and Gwen were featured in an Instagram upload on NBC’s The Voice social media platform. In the share, Kelly called the two of them lovely, making a joke out of the fact that she was addressing Gwen and herself. Still, she was serious about touting the combined professional assets of the pair of females, who are actually frenemies since they are foes while battling for team members. They do try to remain friends throughout the process.

Kelly previously called herself “possessed” because she now sits in the position on the judging panel formerly occupied by Adam Levine. Indeed, last year she was the only girl on The Voice‘s judging panel, admitting that she loves female energy and that she is super excited to work with Gwen.

The new talk show host continued to go on about her The Voice co-worker, stating that the two women knew each other before the reality singing show gig came up. Then Gwen reported that Kelly has been her friend for a long time and has even been at her house during playdates with their kids and for dinners.

“I feel like me and Kelly have so many similarities — not in our voices, obviously,” stated Gwen, speaking directly to Kelly, who she praised. Kelly told her she has “the most ridiculous voice.”

After that, the former No Doubt frontwoman said that the original American Idol is smart.

“She has a lot to say. She is off-the-cuff so I didn’t know what kind of relationship we were going to have on the show because we have to be competitive,” Gwen said.

As a thank you for saying such nice things, Kelly gave a green The Voice jacket to Gwen as a gift.

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At that point, Blake Shelton showed up on the upload to talk about the relationship between Kelly and his girlfriend, Gwen. The country crooner and Voice judge said their “girl power thing [is] starting to get on [his nerves].” Surely he was jesting, as he so often does.

Meanwhile, Gwen continued to elaborate on Kelly’s assets, saying she just decided that she likes her. Kelly interrupted that thought to tell Gwen she is one of her musical influences.

Then the fourth The Voice judge, John Legend, weighed in on the friendship between the women, saying they have been buddies for a long time.

“Gwen has a hard time going into combat,” Legend said.

At that, Kelly talked about how a certain person who auditioned would be making a wise decision if she chose to be on Gwen’s team. John spoke up, saying he would gladly “fence” for himself.

After that brief interlude, Kelly continued to gush about her The Voice pal, calling her a phenomenal writer.

“One of my favorites,” Clarkson said as the clip came to an end. “She’s the reason I like empowering songs [like] ‘Just A Girl.'”

Witness more of The Voice’s girl power when the NBC show airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m., ET.