WWE Rumors: Former Champion To Be Written Off Of TV On Next Week’s ‘SmackDown’


Next week, All Elite Wrestling will debut their brand new weekly TV show on TNT, and it will be called Dynamite. Many feel as if this is the start of the next wrestling wars, but WWE has denied that is the case at all. Still, the mega promotion is making a number of big changes and shaking things up, and rumor has it that some of the differences happening for SmackDown on FOX will mean the complete removal of a former champion.

This week, SmackDown Live concluded its run on Tuesday nights and on the USA Network. Next week, it will move to Friday evenings on FOX and be renamed as Friday Night SmackDown. The Inquisitr reported that three huge matches are already confirmed for the show, and a number of big names will also be appearing.

One of the scheduled matches will be Kevin Owens taking on Shane McMahon in a Ladder Match, with the loser being fired from WWE. A few weeks ago, fans thought that Owens would end up making his return to NXT after being fired off of SmackDown, but those rumored plans appear to have changed.

WrestlingNews.co is reporting that the match will end with Shane McMahon losing to Kevin Owens and being fired from WWE. This is going to be an angle where Shane is actually written off of WWE television entirely and won’t be seen again as an authority figure or superstar.

Shane McMahon poses before the logo for "SmackDown Live."
Featured image credit: WWE

According to the report, Shane McMahon is going to lose the Ladder Match and be “fired” from WWE. While he will still be working for the company, this will be the promotion’s way of writing him entirely off of television.

Ever since WWE and FOX came to an agreement and made their deal, there have been reports of major changes coming. The show is going to be presented in a way which is more like the professional sports of the NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLB.

That is going to be done with the WWE Superstar Draft in mid-October as well as with the overall feel of Friday Night SmackDown. Shane McMahon is being written off of television as FOX apparently wants matches to have more conclusive finishes and “less interference from non-wrestling characters.”

Of course, this is all speculation as of this point and should be taken as a rumor, but it seems quite possible. Even though FOX wants Friday Night SmackDown to be more action-oriented, wrestling has a lot do with storylines, and WWE does them well. Shane McMahon being written off of TV in a loss to Kevin Owens may appear permanent at first, but nothing is usually forever when it comes to wrestling.