Fans Left Speechless As Gwen Stefani Belts Out ‘Don’t Speak’ Backstage With ‘The Voice’ Co-Stars

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Gwen Stefani appears to have delivered a social media update that has rendered Instagram fans a little speechless. The former No Doubt singer teamed up with her co-stars from The Voice today. A video landing on Gwen’s Instagram account appeared to take fans on a trip down memory lane. This 49-year-old may come with a modern-day image as her career continues to sky-rocket, but there’ll always be an old-school side to Gwen. The blonde’s days with band No Doubt haven’t been forgotten – nor has the group’s most famous “Don’t Speak” track.

Gwen’s video on Wednesday showed her with boyfriend Blake Shelton, plus co-stars Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. The foursome were seen outside a trailer – given that they were seen in the outfits worn on the show, it can be assumed that this was a backstage moment. Kelly, John, and Blake were all sitting down, with Legend seen at an electric keyboard – playing the piano is, after all, this artist’s forte.

While Blake didn’t join in too much, the others did as Gwen belted out “Don’t Speak.” Fans would likely agree that the harmonies were nothing short of perfect. The video itself was long enough for viewers to really get a feel for them. Gwen’s vocals were powerful, as were the notes delivered by everyone else.

The response has been immense. Instagram fans appeared nothing short of floored. Many fans left comments with emoji – unsurprisingly, heart and fire ones proved most popular, although worded replies were also left.

“This saved my life,” one fan wrote.

“L VE,” a fan responded, but they were so taken aback that they missed the word’s correct spelling.

“Gwen,” one user added.

Of course, some users did seem to have recognized the song, with one fan appearing to reply with the lyrics.

“And if it’s real then I don’t want to knowwwwwwwwww,” they wrote.

“THIS LITERALLY GAVE ME CHILLS AND TEARS!!!!!!!! #magical,” was another comment.

“This gave me chills so good,” more than one fan said.

The video itself quickly racked up views: over 72,000 were clocked in the space of an hour. The same time frame brought over 510 fans into the post’s comments section. For many users, this throwback moment seen delivered in the present-day brought out the past – and Gwen certainly comes with one. Of course, the singer now makes headlines on account of her current judging role – even her style, with The Inquisitr reporting another killer look from Gwen just today.