‘Big Brother’ Legend Will Kirby Teases ‘Conflicted’ Jury Ahead Of Season 21 Finale

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Big Brother’s jury roundtable is back—and so is Dr. Will Kirby. The legendary Big Brother winner and LaserAway CMO is the only person who has talked to the members of the Season 21 jury, and he has some insight into how things will go down on the live finale.

The Big Brother legend — best known for winning the second season of the CBS reality show in 2001 and for his epic “I hate you all” speech, as seen on YouTube, during the all-stars season five years later — has long been a fan favorite of the Big Brother franchise. Now in his seventh season as jury roundtable moderator, Dr. Will has seen it all.

Here, he opens up about the surprising final three — Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and Nicole Anthony — and this season’s jury, which he describes as “conflicted.”

Victoria Miller: As the person who coined the term “showmance,” what do you think of Michie and Holly making it to the Final 3?

Will Kirby: You can’t win Big Brother alone. It’s impossible. So pairing with someone you trust is not only a smart idea but one we have seen successfully implemented multiple times in the past. The fact that a showmance did it is impressive.

VM: Does Nicole stand a chance against a showmance? Do you envision any scenario in which either Michie or Holly would take her to Final 2?

WK: As the only person on earth who has spoken with the jury members I can tell you that, unlike some past seasons, each person in this final three is 100% capable of winning Big Brother.

Houseguests playing part one of the last HOH Comp on Big Brother.
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VM: Who played the most loyal game or the dirtiest?

WK: This was debated, in-depth, by the jury. So you’ll have to watch. But loyalty and dirty play were absolutely two of the overarching themes of the roundtable. In fact, you’ll be astonished at the depth that these were discussed.

VM: What did you think of the Final 3’s gameplay?

WK: My opinion doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s important that I remain unbiased. And in my capacity as the jury roundtable moderator, I try to do exactly that. I’m not there to inject my feelings, I’m present only to help facilitate healthy discourse.

VM: What else can you tell me about this season’s jury roundtable?

WK: There were a few people that I wasn’t expecting much from when we first sat down…. and I absolutely underestimated them. The jury house has a strange effect on some people and significant personal growth for some jurors took place there. Some of the late bloomers really matured and brought that new level of awareness to the discussion.

Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony
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VM: Who was the most bitter person at the roundtable?

WK: Unlike past seasons, there wasn’t a single bitter person. Sure they all have regrets and wish they made different decisions — that’s natural. But this group of jurors was pleasantly objective and understood what we were trying to accomplish. In the past, we’ve had some jurors that were so bitter that they almost refused to speak. One year a guy just stared straight ahead and gave one-word answers. That’s frustrating for everyone involved. And once we had the girl who kept trying to convince the other jury members that she was a hilarious mastermind. She was obviously unsuccessful. But this group truly understood their objectives and tackled them enthusiastically. I was really grateful to be part of their debate.

VM: Michie has won a history-making number of comps. Why do you think he is getting so much hate from Big Brother fans?

WK: The emotions that Big Brother invokes is fascinating. A subset of fans seem to enjoy scorn and disgust and outrage and revulsion. They are drawn to the negative and shun the positive. I have no explanation but it’s, unfortunately, the way that social media has been trending for years now.

Jackson Michie of Big Brother 21
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VM: Rumor had it that you weren’t going to be the host of the roundtable this year.

WK: A number of interviewers have now brought this to my attention as I wasn’t aware of this rumor. I don’t have much to say other than that I feel confident in my skillset as the moderator of the jury roundtable, I thoroughly enjoy it, and I genuinely think I do a great job. This is my seventh year as the jury moderator and I hope to keep serving the show in this capacity.

VM: What’s your take on production and casting this year?

WK: Game of Thrones is Big Brother with three dragons, less n*dity, and less backstabbing. Point being, the production and casting teams are the best in the world. It’s season 21! Twenty one! You don’t make that many episodes of great content by accident.

Big Brother veteran Dr. Will Kirby
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VM: Last thoughts for the fans?

WK: Big Brother is one of the few opportunities in life where you can go from being a fan to being a player in the matter of a few short months. So apply! Anyone reading this article is an obvious super fan. I’m talking to you! Go online today and apply for Big Brother 22!

The Big Brother Season 21 finale airs Wednesday, September 25 at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.