Johnny Galecki Is Nowhere In Sight For Darlene & David’s Reunion On ‘The Conners’ Season 2 Premiere

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Conners episode, “Preemies, Weed, and Infidelity.”

Johnny Galecki’s character, David Healy, was a major part of The Conners Season 2 premiere. So why was the former Big Bang Theory star nowhere in sight?

Viewers saw Darlene (Sara Gilbert) torn between two lovers on the season premiere of the Roseanne spinoff, titled “Preemies, Weed, and Infidelity.” While the Conner daughter was tempted by her boyfriend Ben’s (Jay R. Ferguson) invite to move in with him, she was struggling with unresolved feelings for her ex, David, and the possibility of getting her family back together.

Ben was seen in several scenes on The Conners premiere, while David was a major presence in the episode but never shown.

In one scene, Darlene exited her bedroom wearing only a robe after a tryst with her ex, and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) got an eyeful of David in her niece’s bed. But that was the closest viewers got to Galecki, who has been confirmed as a guest star for at least two episodes this season on The Conners.

On Instagram, fans weighed in on Darlene’s ongoing love triangle with David and Ben.

“Gosh I hope she picks him! ” one fan wrote under a photo of Gilbert with Ferguson.

“Love him but I gotta say I am a softie for David and Darlene,” added another.

“I hope she stays with him. I can’t stand David,” a third fan chimed in.

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In a recent interview with Decider, The Conners star Michael Fishman teased Galecki’s eventual return to the ABC sitcom.

“Having Johnny Galecki come back is like having one of your siblings come home,” The Conners star said. “Families sometimes fall apart and then come back together, and people make strange decisions and then they realize what really matters to them in life. I think David really has taken a hard look at himself and now he kind of has to earn the family’s trust back.”

Sara Gilbert previously told TV Line that while she does believe Darlene loves Ben, it’s a love that’s very different from her feelings for David, who started out as her high school boyfriend and became the father of her children.

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As for when fans will finally see Galecki on camera, it could be very soon. During an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Ryan last week, Gilbert talked about an upcoming scene in which Darlene runs back and forth between two rooms in the Conner house to kiss both Ben and David as she secretly hooks up with both of them behind the other’s back. Gilbert said it felt “weird” to kiss her male co-stars back to back, which pretty much confirms Galecki will be in that scene.

While Galecki’s first guest appearance on the new season of The Conners has not yet been announced, the second Season 2 episode set to air next week is titled “A Kiss is Just a Kiss.” That’s as big of a hint as any.

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC