‘The Walking Dead’ Movies: Scott Gimple Reveals AMC Is Close To Revealing Further Details

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SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses AMC’s The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is set to return to the Walking Dead universe via a trio of movies. Andrew Lincoln cited wanting to spend more time with his family as the reason behind his departure from the hit zombie apocalypse series.

As a result of this, in Season 9, Rick was involved in a dangerous situation at a bridge involving walkers. While the characters still alive in The Walking Dead believe Rick to be dead, viewers know that he was rescued by Anne/Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and taken to safety via helicopter. It was then announced by AMC that Rick would return in a series of movies that would explain where he had been taken and why.

Since then, viewers have been desperate for any news regarding the upcoming movies. Now, Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple has revealed that the wait is almost over.

“I hate giving this answer because it drives people nuts, but we’re close to telling more soon,” Gimple said, according to Comic Book.

And, until then, it appears that Gimple is not keen to reveal further details about the content of the movies. However, he did tease fans about potential details that can be gleaned from the teaser trailer released earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con.

Andrew Lincoln stars as Rick Grimes, as seen in the Season 9 poster for AMC's 'The Walking Dead'
Featured image credit: AMC

Gimple suggested that the Philadelphia skyline featured was certainly a clue. However, there were others.

“There’s a lot of other little tidbits in that teaser, that if you’re real eagle-eyed you can, there’s maybe two or three other things that will reveal certain aspects of what’s coming up.”

In addition, Gimple revealed that Rick will continue to be the “avatar” for revealing the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead as he moves forward into a broader location for the movies. In the instance of the movies, Rick will see a lot of stuff that the main character from The Walking Dead has not been privy to thanks to these things occurring behind the scenes and not out in the open.

Gimple also hinted at the prospect that the movies will tie into the new upcoming series based in the same universe as The Walking Dead. However, it seems that viewers will have to wait a little longer in order to find out how everything connects.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 6. As yet, no premiere date has been released for the Walking Dead movies. The latest untitled spinoff series is expected to drop in 2020.