Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Instagram Snapshots Of Ivy Jane In Her ‘Happy Mrs. Chicken Suit’

Ben SeewaldInstagram

Jessa Duggar’s cute kids are quickly becoming some of the Duggar family’s biggest social media stars. In one of Jessa’s recent posts, her adorable daughter proves that she’s already a pro at posing for the fashion-focused photos that her mom and aunts love sharing on their Instagram feeds.

On Tuesday, Jessa took to Instagram to share a few snapshots of her 3-month-old daughter modeling a colorful new outfit. Some Duggar fans were likely surprised to see that Ivy Jane isn’t wearing a skirt in the photos; she’s rocking a white onesie with large ruffles on the ankles. It’s covered with a large, multi-colored, chicken-print pattern.

What won’t surprise Duggar fans is that the chicken print pattern caught Jessa’s eye. After all, the Counting On star and her family members are huge Chick-fil-A fans, with Jessa even dressing up her youngest son Henry as a cute mini cow to score free chicken at the restaurant. However, according to the mother of four, she didn’t purchase Ivy’s rainbow fowl onesie because of her appreciation for chicken nuggets; it’s now part of her daughter’s wardrobe because the little girl is a fan of the Peppa Pig animated series.

Jessa revealed that she calls the onesie Ivy’s “Happy Mrs. Chicken suit” after a computer game that Peppa Pig and her porcine family play on the show. The mom also shared that the fashion find came from a consignment sale.

According to Jessa, Ivy’s chicken suit was just one of many outfits that the thrifty mom purchased at the consignment sale near her home in Northwest Arkansas, so it’s a good thing she has 3-year-old son Spurgeon to help her with the laundry. Jessa didn’t reveal whether the cloth yellow bow headband that Ivy is wearing also came from the sale.

Jessa’s photo of Ivy smiling at the camera was just the first of six in a slideshow. In most of the other images, the little girl is no longer looking at the lens because she’s a bit distracted by her fingers and toes. In one snapshot, the tiny tyke is sucking her thumb. In another, she’s staring intently at her toes.

Jessa’s followers couldn’t stop gushing over the little model’s mini photo shoot with her mommy.

“Aww!! My little baby! So cute!” wrote one of Ivy’s aunts, Jill Duggar.

“She is so dang cute and those outfits are amazing!!!” remarked a fan.

“She is so precious! Looks just like you and your oldest son,” another commented.

Duggar fans can see more of Jessa and her family on Counting On, which returns October 15 on TLC.