Joe Flacco Supports Anquan Boldin On Contract Dispute

Joe Flacco is weighing in on Anquan Boldin’s contract dispute with the Ravens. The Super Bowl MVP and highest paid player in the NFL supports Boldin in his refusal to take a pay cut to stay in Baltimore.

Joe Flacco is not a newcomer when it comes to ego. Since entering the NFL he has always been considered a game manager. He’ll compliment your team, but he won’t be the reason you win. He never believed the lack of hype.

Before the Ravens shelled out $120 million over six years to Joe Flacco, he was on the record saying he was the best QB in the NFL. His confidence never wavered, even after a second half skid that saw the Ravens almost miss the playoffs.

Joe Flacco came alive in the playoffs. Anquan Boldin was a major reason. The two became one of the deadliest playoff combinations ever. Whenever Flacco needed sure hands, he threw to Boldin, most notably on a go ahead touchdown against the Patriots in tight coverage.

Now the Ravens want to pay Boldin less. Joe Flacco supports Anquan Boldin’s decision to refuse a pay cut. At a charity event Saturday Flacco told USA Today that Boldin should, “stick to his guns.”

Joe Flacco also doesn’t want to see Anquan Boldin go anywhere. As much as he believes in himself, he admits that without Boldin, “we don’t win the Super Bowl. He’s a huge part of this team.”

Anquan Boldin doesn’t want to go anywhere either. After the Super Bowl he said if the Ravens cut him he would retire.

All that is really known right now is the Ravens plan to release Boldin if they can’t restructure his contract, something Boldin refuses to do.

Joe Flacco supports Anquan Boldin and thinks the WR has no reason to budge. He also wants his most reliable target back as the Ravens prepare to defend their championship.

To show how important Anquan Boldin was to the Ravens playoff run, here are his highlights:

The Ravens likely feel the same as Flacco, but also have to take into account the business side of the NFL. With the salary cap staying roughly the same, a number of teams are releasing high paid players to relieve cap stress.

Do you think Joe Flacco is right? Should Anquan Boldin refuse a pay cut and risk being release by the Ravens.