‘The Affair’ Recap For Season 5 Episode 5: What A Mess

When Showtime’s The Affair resumed for Season 5 Episode 5 on September 23, Sierra’s perspective was up first. The actress, who is a single mother, nailed an important audition but she only had one day to prepare before getting into costume to be filmed. Unfortunately, this New Age parent’s baby had been diagnosed with colic, so being fussy came with the territory while causing Sierra to exist on very little sleep.

Given that her son is only 4-months-old and his dad is dead, Sierra was on her own. Her self-serving mother visited her daughter and grandson but just before Sierra was scheduled to go to work, her mom flaked at the last minute, shirking her babysitting duties.

Desperate, Sierra asked Helen to help, but she told her neighbor that since she decided to have the baby, she needed to deal with that aspect of her life. A little later, Helen’s preteen daughter said she could help so the thespian would be able to do her job. She accepted, not worrying about the fact that the girl was too young for such a huge responsibility.

In fact, Sierra took advantage of the situation and went to a club after work with the rest of the cast and crew. There, she snorted cocaine with her director and ended up having sex with him in the nightspot’s bathroom. She arrived back home at 2 a.m., wasted and not ready to resume mommy duties.

Nevertheless, Sierra needed to carry on so after she banged her head against a wall, she took her little boy for a spin to try to lull him to sleep. She drove recklessly around curves and through stop signs until her Land Rover rammed into a huge garbage bin. The vehicle’s airbag deployed and she was saved but her baby had ceased his perpetual crying, which led her to fear that he may not have survived the accident. She panicked until discovering her child was still alive, causing her to breathe a huge sigh of relief. This indicated that perhaps it was time she got her priorities straight.


The second part of The Affair from Helen’s perspective wasn’t entirely upbeat, either.

Noah showed up at her client’s house because she had not been answering his calls. He went there to reveal that he was still is in love with her and that he had always been in love with her. However, Helen insisted that he wanted her back only because another man wanted to be with her.

One very pregnant pause later, Helen answered her former husband’s question about whether or not she was still in love with him. She explained that she wasn’t in love with him any longer and that she didn’t want him to be in love with her, either. As for the idea of getting back together, she strongly stated, “I would be a f**king idiot to go back there.”

Then Helen put the nail in the proverbial coffin by telling Noah that she loves Sasha because the famous actor is a version of her ex-husband, “but better.”

Unfortunately, Sasha did not live up to that advertisement. In fact, he turned out to be selfishly unpredictable. After giving Helen all the encouragement in the world to be his girlfriend, he metaphorically stabbed her in the back when he decided to ditch the movie based on Noah’s autobiographical book.

Even though the filming was already in the process, Sasha accepted another job that conflicted with the current project. By doing so, he acted like it was no big deal that he would not be able to continue to work on both. He chose the other movie despite the fact that a whole lot of people would be out of work because of his decision. He could not be bothered to worry about that because this kind of situation “happens all the time.” It was then that Helen discovered the real Sasha.