‘Fast and Furious 6’: Behind The Scenes

Here is a look at Fast and Furious 6, behind the scenes.

Two new recruits have joined the ranks of Vin Diesel and friends. Luke Evans (The Hobbit) and Gina Carano (Haywire) are the new additions behind the wheel as the Fast and The Furious franchise enters its sixth film.

In between takes on a cold production set a tad outside London Luke Evans said, “It was quite weird, to be honest, because they’ve known each other for 10 years.”

Luke Evans expands on his experience with the crew:

“As always happens on big movies, they forget to introduce you. … I’m handcuffed, with a bloody face, and it’s the whole team, and my first introduction is to shake hands with a handcuff. I had to insult a lot of them, get dragged down the stairs by Dwayne (Johnson), get punched in the face by Paul (Walker), and then eyeballed by Vin. This is the movies for you, you never get the normal introduction you would in any other job. And I think they’re probably enjoying the fact there’s a new boy, different to them, bringing a new energy, another dynamic.”

Gina Carano said she had her own anxieties about Fast and Furious 6:

“I was nervous, like I get with everybody. I’m used to watching these movies, so in the first take I had to remind myself, I’m in this. I had to do this look over my shoulder, and all I could think of was Zoolander, I had to get that out of my head. But it’s not easy to be that vulnerable in a whole room of people. This is the second movie I’ve gotten (after taking the lead in ‘Haywire’), so I take it really seriously, but what this business helps you also do is laugh at yourself a little.”

Gina Carano plays Reilly, a member of the US Police force alongside Dwayne Johnson. Reilly has some nice twists to her character, and may be involved in the disappearance of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) in Fast and Furious. That last part is just speculation for now, of course. She is a martial arts fighter who is actually holding her skills back for this film.

Luke Evans plays the villain Owen Shaw, a military hijacker who sells his ill-begotten wares on the black market. In preparation for the role, Luke Evans asked a lot of his military friends what was involved in acting the part.

Both newcomers took the roles seriously enough to learn the part they needed to fill and try to pull it off as down to earth as possible.

Are you excited about Fast and Furious 6? See the trailer below.

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