‘The Conners’ John Goodman Says Dan Is ‘Lost’ Without Roseanne In Season 2, Here’s Why He Might Find New Love

Dan Conner has remained loyal to his late life, but his loneliness could get the best of him in Season 2.

Katey Sagal and John Goodman of The Conners
Eric McCandless / ABC

Dan Conner has remained loyal to his late life, but his loneliness could get the best of him in Season 2.

The Conners star John Goodman says his character, Dan Conner, will still be struggling with the death of his wife Roseanne when the ABC sitcom returns for its second season this week. But that doesn’t mean there won’t soon be a bright spot in Dan’s personal life.

In a new interview with CinemaBlend, Goodman explained that while Dan resisted temptation last season when an old high school classmate, Louise (Katey Sagal), made a play for him, there’s one thing that could get him to come around.

The actor said that while Dan is not “looking” for anyone, he is indeed lonely. He teased that the Conner patriarch is attracted to Louise’s sense of humor.

“I think she’s funny; she’s strong. He’s not looking for anything, but I think he’s lonely,” Goodman said.

The Conners star said his character takes his role as the provider for his family very seriously and he no longer has anyone to “bounce” family responsibility off of anymore.

Could Louise fill that role? Not even Goodman knows.

“It’s gonna be cool because I don’t know what’s gonna happen, and I might not want it to happen, so it’s gonna be an interesting year. I have no idea what the deal is and I don’t think Dan would, either. He’s f**king lost right now.”

It has already been announced that Sagal will be back for a whopping 10 out of the 19 new episodes of The Conners’ second season, so she’s definitely hanging around for something.

Showrunner Bruce Helford told TV Line that Sagal’s character will be promoted to bar manager at the Conner family’s hangout, Casa Bonita, and that she will still have her eye on Dan when viewers see her next. And it sounds like she will be relentless in her pursuit of the grieving widower, despite the fact that he previously friend-zoned her.


“She wants a relationship. She wants romance. She is not giving up,” The Conners executive producer said. “But Dan is still having difficulty. He’s struggling with whether he’d be betraying [Roseanne] if he does move toward someone else.”

In real life, it almost seems as though Goodman feels the same way. The actor worked with his former TV wife Roseanne Barr for more than 30 years before she was fired by ABC last year. Goodman has been careful in interviews when talking about his fallen co-star and he previously revealed that she gave up a lot so that the cast and crew could continue with a Roseanne spinoff.

Sadly, in real life, the two stars are no longer speaking. Goodman previously told The New York Times the entire cast misses Roseanne and that her shoes can never be filled. But it sounds like Katey Sagal’s Louise could be a good diversion.

The Conners second season debuts Tuesday, September 24, at 8 p.m. on ABC.