Russell Crowe’s UFO Video Debunked By Alien Expert [Video]

Russell Crowe wasn’t able to identify a flying object last week but that doesn’t mean that he saw an alien spaceship.

The actor’s UFO video was debunked by an expert in unexplained sightings.

Marc D’Antonio, the chief video analyst at the Mutual UFO Network, said that Crowe probably saw a helicopter or a similar aircraft.

Crowe said that he set up a camera to take a time lapse in Woolloomooloo, Australia. Crowe was trying to take pictures of fruit bats but ended up capturing a UFO.

The actor writes: “A friend and i set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens,this was a big surprise… UFO?”

Crowe said that the video was created from three photos taken over the span of 4.5 seconds. You can see a strange brightly colored object move across the screen from right to left.

Crowe writes that the camera was in a fixed position which according to the actor means that it couldn’t be a lens flare. He also insists that these are REAL photos and that they were not manipulated.

Here’s Russell Crowe’s UFO video.

But just because they’re real photos doesn’t mean that it’s a real UFO. According to D’Antonio, long exposure photography frequently results in strange images and occasionally they can be mistaken for a UFO. D’Antonio says that it looks like Crowe captured a helicopter flying across the sky, but since the camera was set to take a longer exposure, it appeared as a streak of light.

What do you think? Did Russell Crowe see a UFO?

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