WWE Rumors: Major Fixture Returning To ‘Raw’ And ‘SmackDown’ After Being Gone For Years

A bit more of the old-school wrestling feeling is coming back.


A bit more of the old-school wrestling feeling is coming back.

With the season premieres of both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live/Friday Night SmackDown coming next week, changes are on the way. The Inquisitr has already reported that both brands will be getting new stages for their premieres, but something really big is on the way back. Rumors are swirling that, for the first time in years, pyro and fireworks are coming back to WWE television.

SmackDown is not only jumping to Friday nights at the beginning of October, but it will be moving over to FOX as well. This is huge for WWE and they are doing everything possible to get all the attention focused on their promotion and nowhere else.

There will be huge stars from both the wrestling and celebrity world showing up on the blue brand’s FOX debut. Monday Night Raw is having a gigantic show this week and is looking to carry as much momentum over as they can for next week, and this big return could end up doing that.

The Twitter account of WrestleVotes is reporting that beginning next week on WWE television, pyro will return to the shows. Yes, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown will have fireworks going off again for the first time in years.

It was back in early to mid-July of 2017 that pyro started to be weaned off of WWE television. For a while, it was used only for superstar entrances and no longer for the openings of the shows, but then, it disappeared entirely and hasn’t been used in a long time.

Sure, bigger pay-per-views such as WrestleMania and Royal Rumble have had pyro at times, but it’s not been a usual occurrence. Longtime wrestling fans have been disappointed in this as it was always a way of livening things up at different events and wrestling simply hasn’t been the same without the fireworks.


Once the pyro stopped, it became known that WWE wasn’t doing it any longer as a cost-cutting measure. The fireworks were quite costly and WWE felt as if they were no longer necessary which led to them being done away with for all events.

Brock Lesnar heads to the ring for a match.

It is no surprise that Vince McMahon, Triple H, and all of those in WWE are wanting to make a big impression with All Elite Wrestling beginning their TV show soon. NXT is now on the USA Network and SmackDown is moving over to FOX shortly. Monday Night Raw is about to have its season premiere and fans will be happy to know that pyro and fireworks will be kicking things off in explosive ways.