The New ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer Just Dropped, And Fans Are Going Crazy

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Frozen was one of the most successful animated Disney movies of all time, earning nearly $1.3 billion from the box office worldwide in addition its to stellar reviews. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many fans had high expectations for its long-awaited sequel. Fortunately, it appears from the newest Frozen 2 trailer that their anticipation has been justified, as fans are praising the clip as “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” and “epic.”

Though a previous trailer had been released over the summer, this is the first one that gives a concrete idea of what the plot will be in the next movie. On social media, fans are going crazy, giving the trailer overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The trailer opens with a flashback of Princesses Anna and Elsa as children, as their father, King Agnarr, weaves a tale about an enchanted kingdom way up north, where no one can get in or out.

The trailer then cuts to modern day, with a sweet conversation between the two sisters. However, conflict soon arises when Elsa begins to hear a singing voice, and something magical happens that begins to wreak havoc in Arendelle.

To fix it, the two princesses must find out “who is calling” to Elsa. So the pair, along with Anna’s love Kristoff, embark to the enchanted forest once spoken of by their father.

In just an hour, the trailer had been retweeted nearly 6,000 times and earned around 8,700 likes. It also began trending on Twitter, as news of the new preview spread. Similarly, the YouTube video has been viewed nearly 110,000 times.

In addition to giving greater depth to Anna and Elsa’s parents, the trailer also introduces several new characters from the Northuldra tribe. Disney has released more information about the new personas. Chief among them is Yelana, the leader of the Northuldra. She is described as “fiercely protective of her family and community” but also has a love of the environment (via Movie Web).

Two other characters include Honeymaren and Ryder, two members of the Northuldra tribe. Honeymaren is a “free spirit” and Ryder is described as an optimist who has a love of reindeer that “might just rival Kristoff’s.”

Last but certainly not least is Bruni. Bruni is a lizard and is “curious and cute,” evidenced by when he eats a snowflake created by Elsa in the trailer.

Though fans are no doubt excited about the new characters and ambitious plot, many have been particularly vocal in expressing their amazement at the beautiful visuals.

Fans also loved that the trailer was dropped on the first official day of fall. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the movie itself will be released on November 22.