Angelina Jolie Reportedly Demands Brad Pitt Stop Hanging Out With Kanye West, Threatens To Keep The Kids

Angelina Jolie is apparently not too keen on the idea of Brad Pitt palling around with Kanye West.

A new report claims that the actress has warned her estranged husband to stop hanging out with the rapper and the extended Kardashian clan, or else risk severing his relationship with their kids. The report from Radar Online comes after Pitt had started attending Kanye’s Sunday Services in the past few months, even speaking out publicly about how much he has enjoyed the sermons.

Angelina hasn’t been as happy about the idea of Brad hanging out with the Kardashians, who she reportedly loathes, and wants to put a stop to it.

“Angelina can’t stand the Kardashian clan and wants her children nowhere near them, and she’s told Brad as much,” a source told the celebrity gossip outlet. “She’s pretty much issued him an ultimatum: It’s Kanye or the kids.”

Brad’s relationship with the couple’s children is reportedly at the center of their extended, and at times contentious, divorce proceedings. As The Inquisitr reported, Angelina has been accused of using the couple’s kids in part of a plan to sway public opinion against their dad. Earlier this month, when eldest son Maddox moved into a dorm at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, cameras caught up with him to ask some candid questions about his relationship with his dad.

As Page Six noted, Maddox was asked if he thought his dad would pay him a visit at college, and the teenager could not answer.

“Um, I don’t know about that … what’s happening [with that],” Maddox replied.

The report noted that the interview was produced by the same public relations company that arranged fake paparazzi photos with Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, in the days before her wedding. That led to speculation that the campus interview had been planned by Angelina as a way to put public pressure on Brad. A source told the outlet that Maddox seemed prepared for the interview, leading to speculation that he had been coached.

As The Inquisitr had previously reported, the interview seemed to work in that it brought critical coverage of Brad. The actor’s relationship with his son has reportedly been strained since the two had an altercation on a private plane, which sources say was the breaking point for Brad and Angelina’s marriage. The couple has reportedly been at odds over custody of their kids, which has extended their divorce proceedings.

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