‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Someone Is Rushed To GH, And Fans Are Hoping It’s Shiloh

Who will end up getting hurt this week on 'General Hospital?'

General Hospital star Coby Ryan McLaughlin
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Who will end up getting hurt this week on 'General Hospital?'

The end of Shiloh Archer is near — or is it? General Hospital spoilers tease that the former Dawn of Day leader is on the run after he escaped police custody, and he is getting desperate. This week may be the end to this complicated character that fans have loved to hate.

No one knows exactly what is about to happen to Shiloh. Actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin confirmed that he is checking out of General Hospital, and that means either his character will be going on the run far away from Port Charles, or he will be killed off. If the latter happens, fans are anxious to know who will be the one who does him in for good. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Detective Harrison Chase will be bringing someone in on a stretcher. That could very well mean that Shiloh gets shot by someone and he is rushed to General Hospital

However, it could be someone else who is brought in due to Shiloh wreaking havoc as he makes his escape. There is a good possibility that Sam could be that person as well. Spoilers say that she will be rushing to the Haunted Star, which means that Shiloh may be holding up there. Why else would she be there? It also says that she gets trapped somehow. Will she once again have to be rescued by Jason?

Chase is expected to rush to the docks, supposedly to find Shiloh. So, the spoilers have led GH viewers to hold out hope that Shiloh will be dead during this ordeal. Jason will, of course, be the lead suspect if Shiloh gets shot. But there are many others in Port Charles who could pull the trigger as well. Peter August started the ball rolling in having him killed, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed. He could finish off the job himself.

Chase may have no choice but to shoot Shiloh, and he would gladly do it to protect Willow. Many General Hospital fans have wanted Willow herself to finally get her revenge. She wanted Shiloh to be put away in prison for good, but what if she ends up in the middle of the fiasco this week and is forced to pull the trigger?


There are many questions surrounding Shiloh’s last days on General Hospital, and they will be answered soon enough. Viewers may hate the character for all of the evil deeds he did to the women, but they have also praised the talents of Coby Ryan McLaughlin for bringing all of their mixed emotions out.

Be sure to catch General Hospital this week to see Shiloh’s take down unfold.