September 22, 2019
NFL Rumors: Jalen Ramsey's Trade Request Came After 'Disrespectful' Meeting With Tom Coughlin

Jalen Ramsey's request for a trade out of Jacksonville reportedly came after the All Pro cornerback had what he saw as a "disrespectful" meeting with Tom Coughlin.

Ramsey had alluded to some friction with the team's front office, but a new report from Mike Florio of ProFootball Talk, as seen at Yahoo! Sports, shed new light on exactly how it went down. According to the report, Ramsey already mentioned that "some disrespectful things" were said to him, and now the source of those comments has been identified.

"Those disrespectful things reportedly were said to him by Jaguars V.P. of football operations Tom Coughlin," the report noted.

It's not clear exactly what was said, but the trade demand came after Ramsey had a very public sidelines spat with Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone in the team's Week 2 loss to the Houston Texans.

Despite the tension between Jalen Ramsey and Tom Coughlin, it appears that things may have been smoothed over since the trade demand. As The Inquisitr reported, the trade rumors that were rampant at first after Ramsey asked out of Jacksonville have cooled considerably in recent days, and new reports indicate that the Jaguars are now committed to keeping Ramsey --- and likely paying him very well.

Another report from ProFootball Talk noted that the Jaguars are likely to pay Ramsey a salary that's among the top cornerbacks' salaries in the league, likely surpassing the $15.1 million per year that Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is receiving. The Jaguars could go as high as six years and $90 million for Ramsey, the report added.

"But, hey, if that's what it takes to make Ramsey happy, that's what it takes," the report stated. "And if in a few years he's not happy with the fact that others have leapfrogged him and he decides he wants a new deal, then give it to him — if he's still the best cornerback in the game."

There was already a major sign that the Jaguars are holding onto Jalen Ramsey. The cornerback was in the lineup for the team's Thursday Night Football game against the Tennessee Titans, coming after reports that teams interested in landing Ramsey would have asked the Jaguars to keep him out of the game to avoid the risk of injury.

The asking price was also seen as a tell that the Jaguars preferred to keep Ramsey. Reports indicated that the Jaguars were asking for a first-round pick and another pick, which some reports said was an additional first-round pick.