Mike Johnson Compares His Relationship With Demi Lovato To That Of Tyler Cameron And Gigi Hadid

Hannah Brown’s recent season of The Bachelorette was packed full of fan favorites, most notably Tyler Cameron and Mike Johnson. Both Johnson and Cameron made strong connections with Brown but in the end, they were both sent home brokenhearted. But despite the fact that it didn’t work out with Brown, the two men haven’t had any difficulty forging new connections outside of Bachelor Nation. At the moment, Johnson is currently dating pop sensation Demi Lovato while Cameron is in a relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid. In a recent interview, Johnson jokingly compared the two relationships, according to Us Weekly.

After Brown’s engagement to Jed Wyatt ultimately ended, there was some talk suggesting she and Cameron would try to work things out. However, the chance of their relationship restarting seems to be over, now as Cameron appears to be all-in with Hadid. Cameron has been spotted leaving Hadid’s house, going out to eat with her and even attending her grandmother’s funeral. In fact, it seems that the pair can hardly stay away from one another or the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, Lovato and Johnson have been keeping things more private. The pair flirted through social media for months and Johnson has just recently confirmed that they are dating. However, the pair are choosing to keep things casual and haven’t yet been pictured out and about together. Their ability to consistently avoid the paparazzi is something Johnson really prides himself in. He even joked that he could give Cameron and Hadid a few pointers on how to keep out of the public eye.

“Tyler and Gigi have been caught by the paparazzi. Demi and I have not. Maybe he needs to get tips from me. Tyler and I really don’t talk about who we’re dating. We really don’t. The reason why is because we both keep it real. I know what kind of man Tyler is and he knows what kind of man I am.”

As for whether or not the two famous couples will ever go on a double date together, Johnson said that it’s not totally out of the question. However, there are no plans for this just yet.

“I think that Tyler and I are very similar people. He’s very competitive, as am I. So I dunk on him. He’s dating a pretty attractive woman, and I’m dating a gorgeous woman. I mean, possibly, right? Maybe.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there was social media outrage this past week once it was revealed that Johnson was not selected for the role of the next Bachelor. The coveted spot will instead be going to Peter Weber.

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