Roseanne Barr Looks Ageless In ‘Mr. & Mrs. America’ Comedy Tour Debut As She Blasts ABC For Stealing Her Show

Theo WargoGetty

Roseanne Barr is back. The fallen ABC star made her return to the comedy stage with a new look and a long list of jokes aimed at her former network. Barr posted new photos to Instagram which show her looking young and trim ahead of the opening night of her “Mr. & Mrs. America” tour with Andrew Dice Clay, the equally controversial comic who has become her new co-star.

In the photos, the 66-year-old comedy star is blonde, and her weight loss is very noticeable. In fact, she looks nothing like the TV matriarch fans last saw on Roseanne before the rebooted show was abruptly canceled by ABC last year.

In a pre-show pic, the former Roseanne star is wearing a floral dress that shows off her slim physique. A second pose with co-star Clay shows Barr looking relaxed and smiling on the opening night of their comedy tour at the Paramount Theater in Long Island, New York. Her blonde hair is styled in waves, and she is wearing red lipstick.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Barr has admitted to surgery to get her svelte figure. The comedian recently admitted that she had fat taken out of her stomach and injected into her behind to give her a thin waist and fuller rear, a la the Kardashians.

You can see Barr’s youthful new photos below.

While her young looks make it seem like she has gone back in time, on the opening night of “Mr. & Mrs. America,” Barr wasted no time in trashing her former employer. In a profanity-laced standup act, Barr repeatedly blasted ABC for firing her over inappropriate tweets she posted after the smash hit Roseanne reboot had already been renewed for a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“About a year and a half ago, the Roseanne reboot came on television and we got 28 million people to watch it,” Barr said as she opened her set. “So f*ck Hollywood.”

Later, she took a page from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why as she recited a note as part of a bit about letters she would write should she commit suicide.

“Dear ABC, when you asked me back to once again bail out your low-rated, sh*t-f*cking network, I did so with the same sass and vigor that I always put in with all of my work. And I gave you the highest ratings you’ve had in 10 years. And at the first sight of a controversy, your bright idea was to kill off my character with an opioid overdose and steal my show. Well guess what? I’m not the one that’s dead, b*tches.”

Barr reportedly had plenty of audience support during her wild comedy show. THR notes that some of the loudest cheers erupted in the packed audience when she posed this question.

“How many people think I got a real screw job?”

Upon her firing by ABC and the cancellation of Roseanne, Barr’s co-stars went on to star in the spinoff series, The Conners. The second season of the Roseanne spinoff premieres Tuesday, September 24 on ABC.