‘I’m Not Gonna Lie, I Was Sad’ Mike Johnson Said Of Finding Out He Didn’t Get ‘The Bachelor’ Gig

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During last week’s reunion episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the star of the next season of The Bachelor was finally revealed. Peter Weber, the young pilot from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, will take on the role. The reveal was welcomed by some fans and rejected by those that had hoped Mike Johnson would take on the role. Johnson himself was hopeful he would get the part and was discouraged when he found out they had gone with another guy. Now Johnson is sharing his reaction to the news, according to Cosmopolitan.

It seemed that everyone was rooting for Johnson to become the next Bachelor. Not only is he admired for his charm and deep respect for women, he is also a former military man and would be the first African American man to take on the role. Many fans believed that it was long past time there was some more diversity on the show and it seemed that Johnson was an all around perfect fit.

It wasn’t until Johnson was just about to walk on stage for the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show that he got the bad news: he didn’t get the gig. Johnson wasn’t happy with the way in which the producers broke the news to him.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was sad. I was annoyed when I very first found out,” he said.

However, in typical Mike Johnson fashion, he got over his disappointment and instead chose to just be grateful for the opportunity Bachelor nation had offered him already. He’s still plenty hopeful for what is to come and hasn’t given up on love.

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“I think by the end of the night, I wasn’t annoyed no more because I was appreciative and thankful that they told me no right then and there. Because now I could focus on myself, and I’m just blessed ’cause I know I’m gonna find my wife and find my queen.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Johnson is rumored to be in a casual relationship with pop star Demi Lovato. Lovato voiced her appreciation of Johnson throughout the entire time he was on Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. It was clear she had a major crush on the reality television star and when asked about her in interviews, Johnson previously said he’d love to take her out on a date. According to inside sources, the pair have hung out a couple times and are having fun, but aren’t serious yet.