Jenelle Evans Trolled On Makeup Site By People Leaving Reviews Using Hilariously Fake Names

Jenelle Evans was hoping for a successful launch of her new eyebrow kit line. Unfortunately, things are not exactly going to plan. For starters, sales of Jenelle’s eyebrow kit have reportedly been abysmal, with only 150 kits sold since the launch, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Now, the former Teen Mom has another headache. The reality star’s website has been plagued with fake reviews under flamboyantly fake — and often crass — names.

Oddly enough, the reviews all give the cosmetics five stars in their assessments. However, this might have been to get past any filters that flagged poor reviews for closer inspection. Nonetheless, the names leave no doubt that the purpose was to troll the aspiring makeup mogul.

Jenelle has not been popular with fans of late. This past May, her husband, David Eason, allegedly beat up and then shot their French bulldog, Nugget. As a result of the horrific animal cruelty, Evans was fired from her role in Teen Mom 2.

The North Carolina native was reportedly shocked that she lost her job, and turned to cosmetics — an area she had dabbled in once before — as her next gig.

However, fans were not impressed by her enterprise, and slammed the former Teen Mom star on the day of the launch, as covered by The Inquisitr.

Now, it seems as if the trolling has continued. A number of reviews come under flamboyantly false names such as “Hugh Jasshole” and “Mike Oxmall.” Out of the 30 reviews currently on the website, over half of them appear to be fake.

Fourteen of them have the similar crass pun names. A 15th name is Pauline Hankins, the name of the judge who gave Jenelle custody of her children despite the animal abuse, to the distress of Nathan Griffith, her ex-fiancé and father of son Kaiser.

A 16th uses the name Regina Phalange, the alter ego of Friends character Phoebe Buffay.

All the fake names can be read on the eyebrow page of Jenelle’s makeup website, JE Cosmetics.

In addition to the fake names, many of the reviews come off as cloying sweet while praising the product. Considering the rumored terrible sales of the eyebrow kit, it likely feels like salt in the wound for the reality star.

For example, the review under Regina Phalange joked that the kit was going to be used as a peace offering for a friend.

“I have a dear friend I need to make amends with. This kit is in her shade so I sent it as a peace gathering [sic]. I hope she’s smoking hot happy with it.”

“Got this for my wife! She’s always so giving I’m happy to finally have a chance to give her something,” read another one, under the name Peter Goziña.

Though fans reported on Twitter that some reviews had been removed, these nonetheless have survived. It is unknown whether Evans is unaware of the trolling comments, or if she is keeping them for the five star ratings.

Another theory is that Jenelle hopes to drum up some publicity with the fake reviews. The eyebrow kit currently retails for $40. That means that if Jenelle has only sold 150 of them, as is being reported, she has only brought in $6,000 in revenue — a far cry from her previous salary as a reality star.

Jenelle has not yet made any comments concerning her cosmetics line.

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