Xbox 720: Nine Titles To Expect At Launch

Xbox 720 titles to look for at launch lineup

At launch, the Xbox 720 should be getting at least nine titles.

While we know the PlayStation 4 is coming in 2013, we still don’t know when the Xbox 720 will be released. However, we can attempt to predict nine titles we should be seeing with it at launch. These are the games which we hope will be available when Microsoft finally decides to take the Xbox into the next generation, based on known facts and plain logic.

Kinect Sports Season Three would be a great entry for a family-friendly launch title.

Fortnite is the next big zombie videogame that’s already been announced, kind of a cross between Left 4 Dead and Minecraft. Experts have pointed out that the Unreal 4 engine it runs on is too powerful for current systems.

Watch Dogs was announced as a launch title for the PS4, which leads one to believe that it’s a dead ringer for the other big next generation console. The graphics just from the screen shots indicate the processing power necessary is just not possible with the Xbox 360. At launch, Watch Dogs just might be our first glimpse at what appears to be a Sleeping Dogs-style title.

Ryse is a game that was originally planned for release for the Xbox 360 Kinect, but it keeps getting delayed. We can only assume that it’s being revamped for the next generation. Its producer has always been known for generation-showcasing graphics, so it’s probably going to be an Xbox 720 launch title.

Ridge Racer 8 is Namco’s baby, a racer in a series that has seen every generation since its inception. Ridge Racer has always pushed the graphic capabilities of the console it’s on, and every launch lineup needs a racer.

Dance Central 4 is the new Dance Dance Revolution. Anyone interested in a dance title should look no further, and it would be an ideal entry for the Xbox 720 launch lineup.

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag would be a definite selling point for any next-generation console. It may not be any coincidence that the advertisement started around the same time as PlayStation 4’s announcement event. It was announced as coming to next-generation consoles on October 29…


Madden 25 pretty much has to be a launch title. It’s been a yearly tradition for pigskin videogames, and Madden is about as old and sure-footed as the genre can get. Combine that with the fact that Madden titles have never failed to hit a launch lineup and you have a title you can practically bet on.

Call of Duty is a no-brainer. Activision stated that it wants to stay current with the series, and a new game is due for 2013. Call of Duty would be a definite show-runner that shooter fans everywhere would buy.

What do you think of this launch lineup for Xbox 720?