WWE Rumors: Former Champion Has A Year Added Onto Contract Due To Time Missed

It is not uncommon for WWE to add time onto a superstar’s contract if they end up missing time due to an injury. Honestly, it seems only balanced as it makes sure that the superstar is fulfilling their end of the deal while WWE is getting the most for the money they’re paying out. Due to injuries taking him out of action for quite a good while in the last few years, it appears as if Jeff Hardy is going nowhere soon.

There is absolutely nothing saying that Jeff Hardy is looking to leave WWE and go to All Elite Wrestling or Ring of Honor or anywhere. Many fans have talked about that online and numerous wrestling websites have speculated on that happening, but he’s under contract and can’t really go anywhere.

Even though the contracts of the Hardy Boyz are set to expire in March of next year, Matt could very well go elsewhere, but not Jeff.

Fightful, by way of Cageside Seats, is reporting that WWE has added “at least” a year onto the contract of Jeff Hardy. This was done so that they could get back some of the time that he has missed due to various injuries.

Fans of the Hardy Boyz will be happy to know that Jeff’s going to be in WWE a while longer, but it may not be perfect. If Matt stays healthy, he is due to have his contract expire in March of next year and he could end up leaving without his brother.

The Hardy Boyz celebrate a championship victory.

Matt Hardy has not been seen on WWE television in quite some time, but it is not due to him being injured. As a matter of fact, he’s perfectly healthy. The Inquisitr reported that he’s not happy just sitting on the bench and is ready to get back in the ring to start wrestling again.

Jeff suffered a knee injury right after the Hardy Boyz won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship earlier this year. He had surgery in May and it is believed that he’ll return sometime in November, but there has been no confirmation of that as of yet.

The Hardy Boyz are still able to go full-speed in the ring, but they have to be healthy to do it. With WWE adding a lot of extra time to Jeff’s contract, many will wonder if Matt decides to extend his as well and stay with the company. Only time will tell what the future holds for the Hardy Boyz, but it likely includes a few more championship runs before they call it a career.